Smolyan lakes are often called the emerald eyes of the Rhodopes


We continue with the ideas for escaping from the relentless scorching sun (at least for the hours of the day) and today we share with you a route that is extremely suitable for the weekend. The beginning of the eco-trail is from a wide meadow with an information board and a small chapel. You can reach it by taking the road from Smolyan to Devin and then take the first turnoff to the right (there are directions). In the past, the number of lakes exceeded 20, but today they are only 7, and the trail covers only the three largest of them. The route is easy and takes about an hour. Quite achievable for a day trip from the city under the hills. There are markings, so you can't go wrong.

The first lake is Trevistoto Lake (Grassy Lake), one third of which is densely covered with peat. Its area is about 6 - 8 ha. It is connected by a river arm with Bistroto Lake (Clear Lake) and is not the largest at the moment. It gets its name because of the thick grass that sprouts on the peat in the spring and summer. To the right of it is the chapel of the Holy Spirit, which was turned into a stable during socialism.

Here you will regularly see stretched tents or blankets for picnics and relaxation, and during the weekend there are stretched tables where you can buy homemade jam and real honey.

The next lake, connected to the Trevistoto Lake by a thin river arm, is Bistroto Lake (Clear Lake). It is characterized by the blue-green water, in which the trees around it are proudly reflected. It is no more than 1 meter deep, the bottom is clearly visible through its crystal clear waters. At the lower end of the lake there is an artificial embankment, along which passes the tourist road to the Studenets hut.

The third bigger one is the Matnoto Lake (Muddy Lake), and for it you have to take the path through the forest. Pay attention to the interesting forms formed by the vegetation and mysteriously named by the locals - "The Throne of Eurydice" and "The Lyre of Orpheus". It is located in a darker area and around it hovers a kind of mystery and mysticism. Its waters sometimes look black and hence the name. It is the deepest - 4.5 meters.

Keep in mind that lift 4 connects Smolyan Lakes with Snezhanka Peak. It is two-seater and its length is 1550 m. Be sure to check if it works at the time of your visit.

The other lakes can be seen on the road and the first one - Keranovia gyol Lake  (also known as Platenoto) was artificially blocked at its lower end and so it turned out to be one of the largest in size. In summer, some dry up, but others are actively used for camping and fishing.