A photo walk along an intersection nestled between the rails that used to house the iconic Trabanta pub


The Ghost Quarter. This is how the northern part of the Hristo Botev neighborhood in the Yuzhen district looks today. This industrial urban area, which borders the railway lines, is located to the west and south of Central Station.

On the south side, it borders Petar Dinekov Street, and to the north is the small street Sergei Rumyantsev, of which almost nothing remains today. Collapsing buildings, hidden auto repair shops and workshops, a hidden chitalishte, an Adventist church building and a memory of the colorful Trabanta restaurant.

It was famous for its mascot placed on the roof - an old Trabant on which a company was making a guitar. In the early years, even its headlights shone in the dark, but after a fire, the bar seemed to gradually cease to exist, and it is now only a legend among the older residents of the neighborhood.

For Sergey Rumyantsev itself, the entrance by car is only from Hristo Smirnenski, and you can reach it on foot between the rails, coming from the shops in Kyuchuk Paris or Hristo Botev Boulevard.

On it, as the photographer of some of the shots Stanimir Photosmile Petkov himself notes "Regardless of the years and changes, in the backyards and the lines along the small inner street, you can still feel the spirit of that time, when boys fought with slings and chestnuts, their mothers spread the washed clothes outside , and their fathers repaired their socialist cars themselves. Irrevocably past.”