A challenge to food lovers October 22, 23 and 24


What happens when two chefs get together!? Something tasty will surely come out of it and as our “heroes” in the text say, you can “expect the unexpected”. Well, just like that, an idea came to them – to use their experience to experiment and offer themed dinners in combination with different restaurants in different parts of the city.

Their first event took place in mid-September at the Golden Garden restaurant and was dedicated to wine in the form of a fully prepared 6-course menu combined with the most appropriate drink. It managed to make new friendships, bring smiles and completely immerse guests in a sea of interesting tastes and experiences in just a few hours.

So a month later, Rubik’s Plate is ready to surprise us with a second planned evening, this time with a focus on beer. In collaboration with Andrey - one of the first bartenders in the famous craft beer bar Cat and Mouse, the chefs have prepared interesting recipes for burgers, appetizers, salads and desserts, which are perfectly combined with pre-selected Bulgarian and Belgian craft beer.

The enjoyment of the unique combinations and flavors begins with the provocative green salad with pumpkin marinated in vodka and beets, the burger with slow-roasted beef ribs, flavored with a spicy “hellish” mixture, as well as toast with guacamole and crispy potato spirals blanched in champagne. The menu has both meat and vegetarian offerings, so everyone can choose what best suits their own preferences, and Andrey will always be there to recommend the right beer.

The dates are October 22, 23 and 24, and the place is Tender Bar on 23 Mladezhka Street. The restaurant itself suggests a cozy and unpretentious atmosphere, which we are convinced that Rubik’s Plate’s different approach to food will complement and upgrade quite well. The goal is to be able to dive into Overeating again in 3 days with selected drinks and food, with pre-prepared casual music sets and a cool atmosphere and without a doubt to get out of there fuller, with an uplifted mood and full senses!

Because the creative duo promises not to stop there, but to continue looking for like-minded people for their ideas and to develop their concept of offering innovative combinations between food, drinks and restaurants that will provoke guests and customers to always look for something different!