Our selection of places where we escape the heat and enjoy a bite by the cool water


The only bilingual digital guide Lost in Plovdiv has selected for its readers recommended establishments in the city under the hills and its surroundings, where you can combine good food with a view and coolness from the river.

In Plovdiv, we immediately think of two locations that have been popular for years and are located on the north side of the river. They are not far from the center, so even if you are a tourist, there is no need to go deep into the neighborhoods.

By the River Jump

Well known to all Plovdiv residents, the restaurant has a beautiful covered balcony above the water itself and a unique view of the city. Their menu is quite varied and there is something for everyone - from seafood and barbecue offerings to pizzas and fresh salads.

Little Maritsa

This is a place that has changed different concepts in the past, but at the moment they are focused on Mediterranean and European cuisine. Their garden overlooks the river and inside there is also a spacious hall suitable for indoor celebrations. There is both a band and a DJ every day, so partying on site is a must.

Several of our recommended restaurants in Bachkovo have tables located by the water and are sure to keep you cool during the remaining summer heat.

Vodopada (The Waterfall)

The establishment has a spacious garden and two halls, which you can consider when organizing events. Some of their specialties are: Bolyar shashlik, roast lamb, charcoal grill, stewed rabbit, etc. The restaurant is famous for its home-made cheese breads and homemade winter meats.


There you can eat Rhodope specialties such as patatnik, kachamak and tikvenik (pumpkin banitsa), and for traditionalists there is always charcoal grill. Don't miss the fresh trout.

Along the outside of the restaurant, you will admire the remains of the "humped" bridge, built by Yugoslav craftsmen. It was carried away by the river in the last century, and only this part testifies to its magnitude.

Tunela 2 (The Tunnel 2)

A pleasant roadside establishment, not claiming to be anything extraordinary. The prices are more than decent, and the outdoor tables facing the river are the most preferred. It is perfect for a stop on the way to Pamporovo.

Yugovskoto hanche

Our next suggestion is also for those of you who prefer to go further up the mountain. It is located at the junction for Laki and Smolyan and is furnished in a traditional Rhodope style. Here you must try the beans and the patatnik.

Byala Reka

In case you are headed to Kalofer, or you want to conquer the eco-trail of the same name - do not miss the fresh trout at the Byala Reka restaurant. Close to the mountain and with the murmur of the river, we are sure that you’ll like the flavorful fish soup and the trout with potatoes and you won't want to leave.

The restaurants around the Parvenetska river

One of the most read articles on our digital guide is about the most accessible waterfall from Plovdiv, which is located just a few kilometers away, near the village of Parvenets. Shortly before you reach it, however, you can support yourself with a delicious meal either at the Stariyat Yavor restaurant or at the restaurant on the other side of the river - Melnitsata. Note that it gets quite busy on weekends and many people prefer to have a picnic on the shore.


There’s also a choice in the village of Hrabrino - Vodopada complex. The restaurant attached to it is built in a traditional folk style and has a balcony over the river, which brings real coolness during the summer months. It is suitable for organizing family celebrations, company parties or simply meeting friends. Delicious national and Rhodope specialties will satisfy every taste.

What other restaurants can you think of and recommend for a visit?