Whether due to the health or economic conditions, four favorite places remained empty this summer


For now, most of us seem to have forgotten the difficult months at the beginning of the year, when due to the coronavirus we were forced to stay at home to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Fortunately, with the coming of summer and warm days things have returned to normal at first glance and walking on the Main street of Plovdiv you will hardly remember that in the spring everything was dark and closed.

Although the situation is quite challenging, most businesses have managed to gather strength and resume work. However, we pass a few empty and gloomy places with nostalgia, which until recently were full of life.

Zlatna Krusha is one of the oldest restaurants under the hills, which for a long time had not changed its name or purpose. It opened its doors in the distant 1929 and in the past was a favorite place of Plovdiv bohemians and intelligentsia. In 2019 it changed its owners and after the transformation of this part of Otets Paisii Street into a pedestrian street for the first time there was a larger outdoor space. Unfortunately, however, we could not enjoy it for a long time, because perhaps due to the reduced flow of tourists its management decided not to open its doors at the moment.

Shtastlivtsi pod tepeto is anotherof our team’s favorite places, which still has its doors tightly closed. We loved its view of the Church of the Holy Mother of God and the ancient architecture of the surrounding buildings and the restaurant was one of our choices for eating in Old Plovdiv. At the beginning of the year, the staff announced that they were taking a break to indulge in all kinds of pleasures - experiments in the kitchen, minor repairs, trips for inspiration. The planned opening date was in March, and then to this day its status is "permanently closed".

The places for delicious pizza under the hills have decreased with at least two locations. The sites of Verdi pizzerias in Kuchuk Paris and Trakia did not resume work after the pandemic and at the moment the Italian food offered by the brand can be enjoyed only in the restaurants next to Tsar Simeon's Garden and on Bulgaria Blvd.

Terzo Mondo in the Kapana district is another restaurant that apparently failed to recover and resume its work. Although it is one of the places with the largest outdoor and indoor area in the district, it is still locked without notice of the intentions of the owners.

These are the restaurants that come to mind almost immediately, but we are convinced that a number of other small businesses remain affected by the global situation. Can you name another favorite place, closed recently?