Our suggestions for delicious food during the Sunday walk


Sundays in the City under the hills are traditionally for a walk and sport in the Rowing Channel area. Especially in the warm months, here it is full of people and everyone enjoys time outdoors.

The more than 5 kilometers long trail offers many opportunities for sports like cycling, running, roller skating, and hundreds of other physical activities. At one end there is a pretty large playground and volleyball, tennis, and soccer playgrounds, so you probably won’t be surprised at why this is a favorite place.

It is not unusual for a person to spend the whole day in the area, so today we, from the only digital guide under the hills, will recommend a few places to eat. On the back of the stands, there is a selection of cafes where you can eat something quick, but we’ll stop at restaurants with slightly more varied cuisine.

Mykonos is located before entering the parking lot of the Rowing Base, next to the Mladost pool. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the local Greek psarotavernas where fish delicacies are prepared with a bang, while octopuses, squid, shrimps, crabs are served in a variety of ways. Warm, cold, roasted, fried, cooked, grilled, salted or marinated, as an entree or a main dish. Most of the ingredients are directly imported from our southern neighbor and the rest from local producers. The selection of fish includes both Mediterranean from the waters of the Greek sea, and from the Black Sea, as certain species aren’t worse in terms of flavor characteristics than the ones from our southern neighbor. There is a gyros pavilion at the back of the restaurant. There they offer their classic Greek pies with pork gyros, chicken or pork souvlaki or the famous Greek sausage loukaniko. A perfect place for your cheat day.

Among the greenery, before the water is the Marbella Restaurant. Culinary temptations from different parts of the world, selected high-quality beverages, good music, friendly attitude and freshness from nature. That's how we would describe it very briefly. The interior of the restaurant is a harmonious blend of historical charm and modern sophistication, but the most important thing is the quality of food. Thematic dinners are organized very often, where well-prepared and delicious food is successfully combined with the appropriate wines from the varied list. It is suitable for dinner with friends as well as for light lunch with children while enjoying the sunshine on the Rowing Channel.

The last place of our culinary walk is emblematic and with a 20-year history. Restaurant Grebetsa has earned many loyal customers in time, who choose it not only for the delicious food but also for the warm attitude and good welcome. The cuisine is an interesting mix of traditional Bulgarian recipes and selected European dishes, but for their preparation, the cooks rely exclusively on local products. The meats are selected from bio-farms and veal is delivered fresh to use at the moment. The setting is cozy and without unnecessary pretense, and the summer garden is one of the most spacious in Plovdiv. Dinner under the stars and the accompaniment of the sound of the Rowing Channel is like magic in the busy rhythm of urban life.

Which of our suggestions do you prefer?