We are happy to try new and interesting places not only in the Center, so that we can recommend you quality food and service in the neighborhoods as well


A few years ago, when Komatevo was one of the must-visit picnic destinations outside the city, hardly anyone would have imagined that the entire surrounding area would be densely built up and so populated. New complexes and apartment buildings are constantly springing up and the area is definitely developing and enriching itself with a variety of shopping and dining options.

Here are some of them that we really like and think are worth a visit:

Golden Garden 2

We have already told you in detail about the first restaurant of Zhivko and Nadia in Plovdiv, at the foot of Sahat Tepe, and we have certainly convinced you that a visit there is worth it. Today, however, we want to reveal a little more about their second restaurant under the hills - Golden Garden 2. They opened it almost at the end of last year and since then they have been tempting us with irresistible culinary masterpieces every day. And there they continue their line of combining traditional Bulgarian recipes and products with innovative techniques, and along with the food they often provide us with sensory experiences such as concerts and events. Every weekday they offer a lunch menu to order or for everyone who is hungry in the area.


This is a fast food and takeaway restaurant, but they never compromise with the taste. Every day they prepare a selection of several soups, salads, main dishes and desserts, and surely you’ll lick your fingers and forget that you have to cook at home. The recipes are well-known and loved by many, so you’ll find dishes for all tastes.


PizzAmerigo is a small classic pizzeria in a typical Neapolitan style that has brought the atmosphere and recipe of Italian pizza. A thin base, air bubbles that are complemented by simple and aromatic toppings, as it was baked in the stone ovens of Naples in the 18th century. They use only fresh spices and quality products, and the unobtrusive atmosphere, in which Italian music plays lightly in the background, only adds to the pleasant experience.

And where do you eat in the area?