This is one of the most preferred weekend destinations for Plovdiv residents, but what are the places where we can have a delicious meal


The village of Bachkovo is located about 20 kilometers from the city under the hills, by the picturesque river Chaya, and is a popular choice for tourism and hiking. 500 m to the south of the village is the second largest monastery in the country - the Bachkovo monastery, where the Bulgarian writer and head of the church, Patriarch Evtimiy, spent his last years. The "Miracle Icon" of the Mother of God is kept in the St. Mother of God church in the monastery and attracts many devotees and people who wish to see it and pray for health and luck.

The road to Pamporovo and the town of Smolyan also passes through the village, so it is not surprising that especially on weekends, the surrounding area is filled with Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

And although many people prefer to find a picnic corner in the many meadows and green areas in good weather, there are still those who wish to eat something tasty in a restaurant. The truth is that especially along the monastery, there is a choice of a variety of taverns, restaurants and food stalls. Don’t expect the same quality and level of service as in the big city. In most, the cuisine is more traditional and relies on grills, and be prepared to wait sometimes at busy hours. Below we have collected for you some places that we have tried over the years, but if you have your favorites, be sure to mention them in the comments.

Vodopada (The Waterfall)

Directly under the spray of the natural Bachkovo waterfall, you can enjoy and cool off with delicious food. The establishment has a spacious garden and two halls, which you can consider when organizing events. Some of their specialties are: Bolyar kebabs, roast lamb, charcoal grill, stewed rabbit, etc. The restaurant is known for its home-made cheese breads and homemade winter meats.


The restaurant and the hotel attached to it have been frequented for several decades and even have regular customers who adore their "dzhamurki". There you can eat Rhodope specialties such as patatnik, kachamak and pumpkin banitsa, and for traditionalists there is always a choice of charcoal grill. Don't miss the fresh trout.

Along the outside of the restaurant, you will admire the remains of the "humped" bridge, built by Yugoslav craftsmen. It was carried away by the river in the last century, and only this part testifies to its magnitude.


Another complex where you can take advantage of the tavern, restaurant and hotel accommodation. They offer traditional Bulgarian cuisine, and the surrounding nature is very beautiful.

The Tunnel 2

A pleasant roadside establishment, without pretensions to anything extraordinary. The service is fast, and the menu is mainly meat and grill. The prices are more than decent, and the outdoor tables facing the river are the most preferred. It is perfect for a stopover on the way to Pamporovo, but note that they don’t allow pets, even outside.