Although it is a rather touchy subject at first glance, it is not at all unimportant, especially when you are walking for hours and enjoying the sights


Unfortunately, we have to warn that the places we are going to point out are often of compromised cleanliness and not as well maintained as toilets in a former European Capital of Culture should be. However, they are an option when one has to use them and it is important to know where they are.

Tsar Simeon’s Garden

It is located at the exit of the park, which leads to Avksentii Veleshki Street and the Ivan Vazov Library. The fountains are also in the immediate vicinity. Its working hours are only until about 3-4 p.m., when until the municipal cleaning service workers are in the garden.

Dzhumaya Mosque

To the left under the entrance stairs there is also an opportunity to refresh yourself after your walk on the longest pedestrian street in Europe.

On Zhelezarska Street, at the foot of Abadzhiyska Street

A public toilet was housed here for a long time and everyone called the place "the urinals of Dzhumaya". In 2018, however, it went down in history and was replaced by high-tech cabins. The new toilets are 100% hygienic from roof to floor. They have a built-in sink, instructions for use in several languages; automatic disinfection and water release after each use; emergency button and device for the disabled; infrared sensors for triggering the systems; everything inside is vandal proof and fire proof.

Hali Shopping Center

You can refresh yourself on the first floor to the left, at the end of the floor.

Right at the entrance to the former Konyushnite na Tsarya (King's Stables) bar

It is located in Old Plovdiv, in the immediate vicinity of Hisar Kapia and the church of St. St. Constantine and Elena.

Ethnographic Museum - can be used with a ticket code

If you visit the Kuyumdzhieva House, you can also refresh yourself in its courtyard for a purchased ticket.

Monday Market

The toilet is located after the marketplace, in the alley that leads to Old Plovdiv, right at the parking lot.

Thursday Market

For it, you should use the entrance from the Shesti Septemvri Blvd. and then continue immediately to the left.

We can certainly confirm that a part of the bars and restaurants, especially in Kapana, still allow people to use the toilet, even without consuming anything on site. Just ask politely and with a smile. Others, around the Central Post Office and the Municipality, have a fee for external visitors.