The participants have prepared a real delight for the taste buds of the visitors


Restaurant Week is a festival that has been running for 3 years and gathers new fans with each successive event. Its focus is on a variety of quality cuisine restaurants, and with another edition, the interest in the capital has grown into a national one. Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna are the chosen destinations not only because they are big cities and tourist centers, but also because part of the restaurant business there puts the heart and soul to go forward and satisfy the ever-increasing requirements of connoisseurs of good taste.

Each restaurant offers two three-course menus, the price is 30BGN, without drinks included. This is a great time to visit places of interest you have missed so far. Reservations will be accepted in advance and online. When selecting venues, organizers strive to create a combination that is appropriate for everyone - including vegetarians, carnivores, seafood lovers, and to capture the full variety of flavors available in the city.

In the City under the hills, the selected restaurants offer an extremely diverse cuisine combining Bulgarian, European, Mediterranean and Japanese flavors. Starting from the traditional recipes with an original twist at Central Restaurant, tempting us with Rhodopeankachamak and sweet banitsa with Turkish delight, to the European-style Japanese cuisine in Torro Boulevard presented with appetizers - sushi rice with guacamole, spicy salmon, crunchy tempura, unagi sauce, wasabi and ginger, and Hatsumi salad.

There are also impressive offers at Atlas Restaurant, which rely on more unconventional combinations such as deer with strawberry gazpacho and pork cheeks with smoked pumpkin cream. The duck magret is also not to be missed (you can try it at Raya restaurant), and the stuffed squid on BBQ Mibrasa at Note di Vino is really worth it. At Irish Pub Judge O'Neillsyou will be welcomed with juicy Irish steaks, and we haven’t forgotten the artistic district of Kapana with one of the newest venues there, Vertigo.

The chef in Torro Grande will stun us with a modern original variation of traditional European recipes and a small Japanese twist. The restaurant has repeatedly won awards in the field of tourism for its innovation and stylish approach, and the premium selection of products and flavors makes it a must-visit culinary stop.

The dates planned are September 21-29 and once again the festival will be supported by Bibendum and MasterCard. Join this gourmet experience!

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