The newest route of Association 365 in Plovdiv guarantees the perfect start to the weekend


We've shown you the socialist heritage in Plovdiv and the graffiti art under the hills, we've taken you on virtual culinary tours around a number of places in the city, but today we're going to present an even more unconventional tour.

Plovdiv Fine Drinking Tour is the newest route of Association 365, which organizes the beloved Free Plovdiv Tour. It promises a swift start to the first weekend of September and introduces tourists and residents of the city to the peculiarities of Bulgarian alcoholic beverages. This is not the typical bar tour, and the guides and hosts in the selected establishments will tell you in detail about the secrets of the drinks and interesting facts about the process of their production and consumption.

The starting point is the model of the Roman Stadium in the square of the same name, and the meeting will be every Friday evening, precisely at 8 p.m., after prior reservation by email to the organization: The minimum number of people for the tour to take place is 2, and the maximum group size is 10 people.

Visitors will taste the predecessor of all alcoholic beverages and often said to be the drink of the gods – mead, intoxicating us with an incredible palette of taste and aroma qualities. They will enjoy local craft beer, the first beer bar in Kapana's own brand, taste two popular Bulgarian varieties of wine presented by the newest wine place in the creative district and finish with the national drink - rakia. The quantities are for tasting, and the fun and pleasant intoxication are guaranteed.

This is currently the only paid route of the Association in Plovdiv and is conducted in English. Most of the tour is in the colorful Kapana district, so don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the bohemian atmosphere and non-stop party mood of the city under the hills.