The latest campaign of Mall Plovdiv, dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day, reveals the city under the hills as the stage on which love unfolds


There are more than one romantic places in Plovdiv. We have told you about some in previous articles, and others we haven’t even discovered yet. But this year Mall Plovdiv, with its online edition, dedicated to the holiday of love, raises the curtain on the extraordinary stories of selected couples, for whom the atmosphere of the city adds something more to their thrill and remains their companion in every step of their life together.

Fumi and Kiril

She is a ballerina from Japan and dances on the biggest stages. In 2018, while on a gig in France, she saw an advertisement for Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019. She auditioned at the State Opera - Plovdiv and decided to stay in the city.

Their daily life is extremely busy and their schedules often diverge, but Kiril has found a solution: "She is almost always at work, the ballet works 12-14 hours a day. That's why I'm always with her when I'm free." In good weather, they prefer to walk home to Proslav through the Rowing Base and admire the sunset. They love their life in Plovdiv and wouldn’t change it for any other place in the world.

Rumen and Petya

They met in 2014 at a mutual friend's birthday. The truth is that Rumen remembers her since 1994 and she has been in his head all these years. Things between them just happened. On the second day of their acquaintance, he invited her on a date, on the third this date happened, and after that they started living together, talking about a home and a child. They got married on February 14, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. They made the decision spontaneously a few days earlier, as a joke.

Despite their busy schedules, they manage to balance commitments and care for their daughter Angelia, who was born in 2021 – their greatest achievement together. They go out on dates in Kapana every day, only now there’s three of them.

They always celebrate February 14th mostly because of their special day. They love to surprise and take care for each other through small gestures.

Maria and Vincent Gaillot

It all started with a website belonging to Maria, in which she talked about her hometown Plovdiv. Searching for information about Bulgaria, as his band had plans to play there, Vincent stumbled upon it and so the two started texting. Until they ended up in the same place in Lyon and the rest is history...

From the very beginning of their relationship, the two imagined a future in Bulgaria. They moved to Plovdiv without a plan, but with a great desire and years later they fulfilled their dream by creating the Gaillot chocolate workshop  under the hills.

They spend February 14th at work, because what better than chocolate and wine for the holiday, they ask? Chocolate with roses and another bottle of fine wine, we reply with a wink to our favorite Gaillot flavor.

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