Have you already chosen something for your loved ones?


The most festive time of the year has arrived, when the whole world is gripped by Christmas fever and preparations for the bright day of Christmas have started early. We have already revealed in two articles what interesting gifts we can find in Plovdiv, but today we are focusing on a few more places we prefer, especially in the of the creative district.

Shop of the social enterprise for people with disabilities

It opened its doors just a few days ago, and inside you will find real treasures. For gifts, you have the opportunity to choose from handmade and exquisitely decorated items such as glass Christmas ornaments, glass and ceramic jewelry, Christmas tree pendants and magnets, key chains, souvenirs, bedding sets, aprons and many other items made by people with disabilities.

This is the place to shop with a cause, provide employment and support the integration into society of people with disabilities.

Our House

Behind Our House Studio is "hiding" a lady with a big smile and a big soul - Gergana Nikolova. She does henna painting, decoupage, stained glass, graphic design, applied art, fine art and the list could go on, so we advise you to go to the place and choose for yourself.

There are ideas for any occasion and if you want something special, it can be ordered.

For everything else - look online at the workshop's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ourhousestudio/


PLOVEDIV is the first independent urban brand in Bulgaria, founded in 2011. Its concept is extremely positive and filled with a lot of love for our wonderful city.

The message ALL WE NEED IS PLOVEDIV, which they have been spreading for more than 10 years, has traveled the world several times and continues its flight thanks to all the fans of the brand. T-shirts, bags, key chains are a perfect idea to please a loved one who feels great under the hills and wants to take something with them that will always remind them of the coolest place.


Farfoleta is a fairy sorceress from the far side of fantasy. With her magic wand, she transforms materials into wonderful delights. Her workshop is hidden in the dense forest of city blocks, and in it Rosi is constantly creating. "Actually, the brand was born somewhat as a joke. I was just finishing my economic education and working as an administrator, when suddenly... I was transported to the world of magic and fantasy. Colors and shapes danced through my imagination. I have gradually turned them into fun children's toys and accessories that everyone can enjoy. Some say "Economist by education, magical fairy by profession".

MBG Leather – hand made shoes and accessoires

The MBG team consists mainly of young active individuals, emphasizing creative, practical design and high-quality workmanship. The main person behind the MBG brand is Hristo Voivodov - a Bulgarian master of leather goods and designer of shoes, bags and accessories. The brand he has been working on for 15 years is called MBG by Hristo Voyvodov. The main idea is to make a limited series of products for art connoisseurs entirely handmade, from natural and high-quality leather. The leather goods are made in a small family workshop, and you can visit and see them on Bratya Pulievi Street.

And don't forget that artists in the district are waiting for you year-round in their studios. They are the colors and the spirit of Kapana and preserve its original design. It is best to see the artist in their Holy of Holies, because when they are in their studio, there they are whole. His whole world is there! Their tools, materials, works and themselves.

In the autumn of 2019, the community of artisans in the art center created their page on Facebook - Artists from Kapana - https://www.facebook.com/AvtoriteVKapana/. They also have their own logo and a map with the studios to refer to for addresses and exact location.