Our 5 places where we gladly put on our headphones, do our tasks and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere


Summer is over and the office by the sea is now a mirage... at least until the next hot days. Those who chose to combine the shore with the work process have already returned to the cities, and a large part of the co-working spaces have been filled with those wishing to diversify the corporate environment or the home office. We have already told you in detail about the possibilities in the city under the hills in our article dedicated to coworking spaces, and today we will turn our attention to the cafes that also allow you to calmly open your laptop and finish your tasks in a slightly more casual atmosphere.

Cat & Mouse

The establishment was formed as an environment for working nomads as soon as it opened in 2015, and quite naturally a coworking space has also been functioning alongside it for several years. Above the bar you can take advantage of flexible desks, and in the adjacent building there is also a separate meeting room, which is often chosen by entire teams. Cat & Mouse Coworking proves that in the creative atmosphere of the art district of Plovdiv, there is room not only for entertainment, but also for generating and concentrating ideas, potential and work energy.

In case you prefer an even more social environment - during the day, the second room in the first craft beer bar under the hills is often filled with remote workers, as it is relatively separate and has several comfortable corners with contacts and everything you need. The atmosphere is quite casual, the music is playing in the background, and the internet is the fastest and most reliable under the hills. Working hours are from 9 am to early dawn every day, and the location is in the very heart of Kapana district in Plovdiv.

The Family Coffee Roasters

We have distinguished them as one of the places where you can buy quality coffee for your home. They offer a selection of high-quality Arabica, but in addition to interesting coffee drinks, the establishment is also a good option for working outside. In their indoor space you will constantly come across people with laptops, and the advantages they highlight are the early opening hours (8 am during the week) and comfortable furniture. For smokers, they have a fenced part, like a winter garden. They are located before the Pedestrian bridge, to the right of the Maritsa pharmacy underpass.

Bluestone Doughnuts

Surely, if you follow us regularly, you know that their hand-made doughnuts are the best under the hills, and even foodies from Sofia come for them. Whatever you choose to try, you won't go wrong and it’ll be hard to stop at just one. Pistachio cream, salted caramel, pumpkin, vanilla, melting and oozing chocolate - we won't have enough space to write about what we love to eat there, but the topic is remote work.

The second floor is perfect for that – there are plenty of outlets, the internet is stable, and the atmosphere is super friendly and relaxing. Their specialty coffees are also worth it! They are open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm, sometimes there are live performances on the weekend, so if you want to concentrate - ask in advance.

Dwell Coffee

A place that, due to its location, is always calmer than the hustle and bustle in the central part, and is perfect for getting some solitude with your computer and headphones, for example. They use freshly roasted Chucky's coffee. An interesting fact is that there are exactly 0 calories and about 300 antioxidants in one cup of coffee without sugar, so it will turn out that it is absolutely mandatory in moderate quantities, and it is always a good addition to the working day. They work from 10 am to 6 pm.

El Greco

And especially the winter garden of this place, which will enchant you with a variety of delicacies. From freshly baked cookies to juicy orange pie and butter pastries that melt in your mouth. We don't know if you'll be able to concentrate amid the fragrant aromas, but they're certainly an option when you have something to do on your laptop.