...and a few more ideas for spending the five days off around the holidays


This year the area around the Post Office is one of the busiest in the city under the hills. At one end is the largest ice rink in the Balkans, which this year passes through Tsar Simeon's Garden.

The sliding corridor revolves around the Demeter Fountain. Above it is a special panoramic walkway, which reveals a great view of the virtuoso performances of the ice.

In the immediate vicinity of the facility there are wooden houses, where you can get coffee, mulled wine to warm yourself with or something tasty to eat.

In the other part of the square is the Kapana Christmas Bazaar, where modern craftspeople, authors of handicrafts, confectioners and representatives of quality Bulgarian brands are waiting for Plovdiv residents and guests until the end of the week. It is the perfect place to buy an interesting gift at the last moment, and be sure to pay attention to the playful colorful boxers and bikinis of the starting Bulgarian brand Wabi Sabi. Thematic sweatshirts are also a good idea for Christmas, as well as the scented candles and sticks for creating home coziness.

Then be sure to continue the walk to the space in front of the Municipality, where several photo corners have been created. For the kids, there is a fun wall around which there is always a queue on weekends.

If this place for taking photos is not enough for you, be sure to visit Old Plovdiv, where we recently revealed the locations for creating Christmas shots in several of the house museums.

We’ve said it hundreds of times, but a walk around Kapana is also a must, especially at dusk and in the evening, when all the streets are lit up with Christmas lights. For that, be sure to support yourself with hot wine and if you plan to dine somewhere in the district - be sure to make a reservation. During the holidays, there are a lot of people at any time of the day :)!