You won’t see the best of Plovdiv, just staying indoors. As time gets warmer and the sun begins to appear, there is nothing more energizing than a day out in the open under the hills

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The article was updated in April 2021

You won’t see the best of Plovdiv, just staying indoors. Once the weather warms up and the sun begins to appear, there is nothing more invigorating than a day spent outdoors in the city under the hills. People start smiling, the bars and restaurants are full in the hours after work, and the ice cream somehow suddenly becomes a favorite fast food. The good weather fills us with energy and desire for life, and the team of the only digital guide in Plovdiv is again ready with some ideas for a pleasant stay.

Sunny mornings are always nice for coffee and breakfast outside and we suggest two options. Take your favorite wake-up drink to go from THE FAMILY Coffee Roasters and together with a delicious cookie or croissant from Kapana Bakery find the most relaxed and comfortable bench in Bunardzhika Park, on Sahat Tepe or Nebet Tepe. There, among the greenery and in the company of birds and running squirrels, you are guaranteed to recharge with positive energy for an energetic start of the day. In case you want something more satiating, it's time to note that all the restaurants have already opened their outdoor areas and you can enjoy irresistible American pancakes from the international menu of Multi Culti, or try something from the brunch offers at Tables which opened very recently in Kapana.

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Why not walk and relax in the parks of Plovdiv! Spring is the best time to get a favorite book and choose a place in Tsar Simeon's Garden - near the fountains, for example. The best thing is that there are large spaces with green areas in almost every part of the city. We recently talked about Lauta Park, where the Plovdiv art of aylyak is certainly one level up - there are even hammocks where you can relax after a hearty barbecue lunch. And when you decide that you’ve had enough reading and staying outside, we’ll remind you of an interesting secret place in the Old Town. The secret tasting house, as we call it, is perfect for learning something useful about distillation, but also to try interesting high-alcohol flavors in the spacious garden. It is now located at the very beginning of Old Plovdiv on the left side just before the barrier next to the church of St. Mary. Photo credit: iieuan

And no, we won’t forget to mention that especially during the spring-summer season, the whole space of Kapana is like a huge open-air bar. Restaurants, bars and cafes are full of people and life under the stars and colorful flags. Whether with a bottle of beer in hand, or with an original cocktail, we can't help but stay out until dawn (currently taking into account the anti-epidemic measures, of course). The meeting point of all the Kapana people is the square known as Shirokoto in front of one of the 24-hour shops.

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Although yet another spring the situation is a bit unusual due to the pandemic, don’t deprive yourself of time spent outside - take advantage of the numerous open areas and if during the weekend the sights seem fuller, try our alternative routes!