We can hardly explain in words why they are special, but we are convinced that everyone will find something magical in them


Plovdiv is magic! We won’t ever get tired of repeating it and even empty and gloomy in November, it is still charming. We also have a few favorite places where we think this is felt even stronger. We stand there in awe, close our eyes and seem to be transported to another world. Some take us far into the past amid glorious deeds and battles, while others simply make us dream of the future. We can hardly explain in words why they are special, but we are convinced that everyone will find something magical in them, you just have to open your hearts and look at them through our eyes.

Hisar Kapiya

The fortress entrance to the ancient city is extremely impressive today. Whenever we stand under the arch, we drift far into the past, when the people of the city fought to protect it from raids and conquest. Legend has it that Philip of Macedon's sister was the first to walk through the entrance with cunning, as her brother promised that whoever entered the city first, it would be named after them. Subsequently, the ruler did not keep his promise and it is believed that he named only Hisar Kapiya after his sister (Hesa, Haysar, Haysaria), and he himself gave his name to Philippopolis.

The pontoons of the Rowing Channel

Boarding them is not allowed, but sit nearby, staring at the water and we assure you that you will be completely excluded from the feeling of the big city. Especially in the evening, when only the most ardent athletes or enthusiasts, armed with cameras for the perfect photo, remain on the spot, the pontoon seems to carry you to new worlds, and the water imperceptibly takes on all kinds of daily worries.

Lights in Kapana

It may be exaggerated and too banal, but Kapana, dotted with multicolored lights, is true magic. We stand under the garlands of colorful light bulbs and dreamily close our eyes, posing for the coolest Instagram shot. And somehow here, amidst the merriment and mood of the district, we really forget all the bad things and immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of happiness and merriment, like an escape from everyday life.

Veliko Tarnovo Street

A magical street, which, especially in the autumn season, is like being taken out of a novel. It is located in the very center of the city, and walking on it, as if in nature - kicking the yellow leaves and listening to the song of the fountains. And what is it like to wake up in the morning, to open the window wide and for the sun's rays to play among the crowns of the trees in front of you!?

Among the ruins of Central Square

We go downstairs, sink a few steps under the noise of the crowd on Main Street, and drift away when the heart of the city was here. There is no need to judge its greatness by old shots, because only by looking at the impressive columns (although to some extent restored) we are convinced that this is the city where great deeds have taken place and will take place.