The parallel street to Main Street is surely not to be missed


Were there times when you thought the downtown area was full of people and there’s no place anywhere? Especially during the warm and sunny days, Plovdiv residents, as well as a number of tourists, fill the Main Street and even passing is difficult. And since no one likes the crowd and the fact that you have to wait to be served, we suggest you try the alternative intersection of Batenberg - OtetsPaisii Street. We have already described to you in detail how it is woven into history, and you must look around and up as you go through it. But today we will reveal it to you from a different angle - as a culinary and shopping location. Because of its modest 420 meters, it has a lot to offer.

We start from the beginning and its part from the Central Post Office, where the first place we stop is undoubtedly the Odeon Restaurant. There’s a reason we named our text for it The magic of chef Harry, because here the international eclecticism on the menu is skillfully combined with the mastery of the chef to recreate the tastes of the whole world in our plate. Perfectly cooked lean meats and a variety of options for guests who rely on a vegetarian or vegan diet are a small part of the details that set the restaurant apart. And the panorama of the ruins of ancient Plovdiv simply leaves every visitor speechless.

In the immediate vicinity, Artnewscafe is a great place to enjoy your coffee or drink away from the noise of passers-by, and even work in peace during the day. Thematic parties are often organized in the evenings, so there is also the possibility for entertainment.

At the corner of our other favorite street, Gurko, is the Unico Restaurant. It is created in a Venetian style, with unique Bulgarian and Italian cuisine, with well selected wines from: Bulgaria, Italy, New Zealand and Chile.

We have already told you about the UK Shop, which you should definitely check out. It is guaranteed that as many times as you enter, you will come across something new, interesting, and if you feel the urge to own it - take it. The items are limited and there is no guarantee that it will be available next time.

We reach the very end of the secluded pedestrian area and the oldest working restaurant under the hills. For 90 years Zlatna Krusha(Golden Pear) hasn’t changed its name, place and purpose. For about half a year, the iconic establishment has changed its owners and impressed with its exquisite Bohemian interior. On site you can try pizza, pasta and many interesting offers. Most of them are served in dough, which is a trademark of Golden Pear. A rich menu is offered at lunchtime.

From this part begins the commercial part of the street, because of which it is known among the people of Plovdiv and as the goldsmiths’street. There are numerous jewelry shops and ateliers offering the latest models of precious metal. Many places have been around for years, and especially around the proms, they are filled with eager customers choosing their jewelry for the special moment.

At Otets Paisiiis also one of the rock bars under the hills - Fabric. The whole establishment is made of wood and has one of the longest bars for customer service - about 10 meters. Inside there is a spacious summer garden and next to it is a Craft Shop.

Bulgarian cuisine also has its place on the little street. The dishes in Gastronome are rich in flavors and aromas and are a true culinary inspiration. The menu is updated seasonally and offers healthy delicious meat from selected Bulgarian organic farms. They also have daily lunch menu.

A little further down the same side is a favorite wine bar, with no pretensions to being chic-gourmet. Vino Culture has a few simple goals that it has been chasing since its creation - to develop an attitude towards wine, to make it accessible to connoisseurs, to show new and unfamiliar varieties, and to inform and educate the visitor without a drop of shame. The restaurant also offers tapas-style cuisine, so it's definitely worth a visit.

Just opposite it is Smokini, the adventurous restaurant of Plovdiv. An interesting fact is that the place used to be a restaurant, which for 35 years offered traditional Bulgarian cuisine to Plovdiv. Today, at Smokini, both national Bulgarian specialties and dishes from the international culinary scene are prepared. A special place is given to vegetarian and vegan offerings because the choice to eat that way is not a reason to compromise with taste.

Along Otets Paisii you will also find a place where to pack your gift beautifully, original jewelry, tickets to hot music events, fragrant cigars, hundreds of beers and more. We advise you not to ignore it on your next visit.