Where we can enjoy a movie or a production under the sky of the city under the hills


Summer is in full swing and as always during the warm months, Plovdiv is full of events. And the best thing is that most of them are held outdoors and allow the gathering of a larger number of people, without so much worry about closed spaces.

There are several places in the city where watching a play or concert is truly magical, and in addition to these, we have added several different options for lovers of experiences under the open sky.

Ancient Theatre

The Ancient Theater of Philippopolis is among the best-preserved ancient theaters in the world. With its 28 concentric rows of seats, interesting inscriptions and beautiful statues, it attracts every eye and carries the spirit of Ancient Rome. The vantage points there are oriented to the south, revealing an impressive view of the ancient city in the lowland and the Rhodope Mountains. Thanks to its specific architecture, the acoustics are unique - imagine what spectacular performances, games and events took place there! It is currently also used for concerts and shows, accommodating around 5,000 spectators and enchanting everyone not only with impressive performances, but also with a unique atmosphere.

Orpheus Summer Cinema

In the summer of 1958, a summer cinema was built in Plovdiv in a natural recess on the western side of the Vasil Kolarov hill - this was the official name of Sahat Tepe. The seats were arranged amphitheatrically, along the relief of the field, high above each other. Two months later - on September 23, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the birth of the poet Hristo Smirnenski, the cinema began to bear his name.

After 1989, it ceased to function, but at the beginning of June 2001, the Municipality of Plovdiv signed a concession contract, and after investing almost half a million BGN, in 2003, the cinema began operating under the name Orpheus. It has a capacity of 1,200 people and has three lodges. In the spring and summer, theater productions and outdoor film festivals are often held there.

Bunardzhika Summer Theater

The summer theater of Bunardzhika was built in only about two and a half months and opened on September 11, 1954 at the eastern foot of the hill. Its stepped arrangement is natural, due to the construction of the seats in the hollow of the hill. There are 1,800 seats. It was renovated in 2007, and can now boast an openwork covered stage and an increased capacity - as many as 2,500 seats.

Older music lovers from Plovdiv will remember for a long time Jane Swert's emblematic concert with the Swedish group Northern Tigers, who "savaged" the militia, who tamed the crazed rock fans with batons. The great Tina Turner (USA) performed on its stage in 1981, as well as Marino Marini, Claudio Villa, Robertino Loretti, Milva (Italy) and many others. Opera and ballet performances, concerts of symphonic ensembles were performed regularly. The large avenue in front of the theater was full of people from morning until late at night, and not a day went by without a planned event.

Today, events in the Summer Theater have significantly decreased, probably due to the competition of the Orpheus Summer Cinema and especially the Ancient Theater, but it remains as nice and loved by the people of Plovdiv.

Yadroto Stage in Kapana

At the beginning, there was a number of controversies surrounding the place in the creative district. The administration planned to remove the old wooden structure, set aside in 2015, and turn it into a multi-purpose hall, but then they changed the concept and decided for it to remain an open-air stage.

To that end, in 2018 Yadroto was completely renovated, with new weather-resistant flooring, seating and a working water fountain nearby. The space is directly connected on the south side with Kurtevich Street, on which it is on one level. The street with which it borders to the north - Zagreb is a little lower and at one end there are stairs. Several of the walls are painted with impressive graffiti and the venue is often used for smaller scale events or as part of the program of various festivals.

Plovdiv Stage Park

Located at the foot of Mladezhki hill, Plovdiv Stage Park is a favorite destination of Plovdiv residents and guests of the city and host of some of the biggest outdoor music events, such as the Shake That Hill, Plovdiv Vibes, Plovdiv Food Park Festival, Plovdiv Beer Fest.

The spaces of Plovdiv Stage Park include 7 stages, a bazaar area, a creative camp for children, exhibition and green spaces, entertainment facilities.

Park stages

After the renovation of a number of green spaces in the neighborhoods, special areas were also built in which to present productions, mini-concerts or entertainment for the residents of the respective area. Some of the bigger stages are in Lauta, Rybnitsa, Park 2019, Beli Brezi, etc. The events there are not as large-scale, but they are an ideal alternative for entertainment close to home during the warmer months.