A series started by the photographer with a filter for the beauty under the hills - Dimitra Lefterova


We love watching pictures from our favorite Plovdiv, and judging by the comments and reactions from our readers, we know we’re not alone. Lately, we’ve been sharing with you many of the amazing photos of Dimitra Lefterova, so we couldn’t fail to publish part of her One place - four seasons series. How often do we pass the sights under the hills and really stop to look at them!?

Well, it turns out that Dimitra looks for the same shooting angle at least four times a year to present them to us both lit by the hot sun in the summer and covered with fluffy snowflakes in the winter months. It is difficult to say which photo is our favorite, so we leave it to each of you to choose your favorite season and the most impressive shot of it!

Plovdiv, Old Town, Ancient Pharmacy "Hippocrates"

Plovdiv, Hissar Gate

Plovdiv - the aqueduct of Bunardjika

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