Which places from last year you should visit and why

Years go by, trends change, as well as restaurants, cafes, and pastries. Plovdiv is a big city and new places are constantly being opened, trying to offer something different, more interesting – which would attract the client.

In the past year, several places have caught the eye of the only digital guide under the hills. For some of them we have written in more detail, but others we may be mentioning for the first time. We recommend that you try them out and let us know whether you liked them, too.

But let's not waste more time and get over to coffee and breakfast. Isn’t it logical to start our walk from Eddy's Cafè and Food? We will not get tired of writing about, but also eating their delicious pancakes. Literally a few days ago, they surprised us with two other types - "Guests at Bourguignon" and "Ratatouille". And what exactly they contain, we’ll let you find out for yourself because it is for both meat lovers and people who prefer vegetables. We must end with a dessert from the specials for the day. And then we take a walk to CROATÓAN, where whatever we write about the coffee will pale in comparison to the variety and taste of the caffeinated beverage. We also recommend the brand-new Oreo cookie shake, and we’ll think about our diets... some other time.

And when we talk about taste and without thinking much that the summer is some three months away, we remind you where the place for connoisseurs of meat and burgers on a different level is. For a few months, Mavruda BBQ Hot Spot has gained great speed and established themselves as a preferred stop, where the expression burger as a gourmet has become a city reality for Plovdiv.

Something new to our city is also the restaurant Le petit Nicolas, whose ambitious goal is to offer delicious and healthy food of guaranteed quality. A favorite place for families, as it also has space where little ruffians can play and have fun. Warm and comfortable as home, as well as time spent in a nice company, this is what the hours in Little Nicholas look like.

For fans of vegan cuisine and culture, there is also a new place under the hills. Novo Zdrave. There, besides enjoying delicious food, you can also take part in one of the free health presentations.

Only a few meters from the office in Molle they tempt us with delicious cakes, and every day we struggle with the desire not to take a second piece of Rafaello.

Bars have also become a few more, especially in Kapana creative district. Bars Barber & Cat, CRAFT and Groove Music & Art may be located within a few meters of each other but they offer a completely different experience and emotion to customers. Whether you want to try a special cocktail or take part in an interesting event, the choice is yours.

Here is also the place you can share what new on the horizon has made an impression on you and has become a must-visit location.

In other words, which place is the star of 2017?