The team of the only digital guide under the hills explored every corner and discovered everything new on the horizon that deserves an instant visit

It is almost summer, the flags make the narrow paved streets in the creative district even more colorful, and in the evenings of the hundreds of people who have come out to feel the artistic atmosphere, it is hard to find a free spot. Against the backdrop of this diverse blend, new places are still opening and contributing to the fresh setting and variety of styles, tastes and preferences.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills explored every corner and discovered everything new on the horizon that deserves an instant visit.

We start with the known French macarons of Bebba Macarons, who for about ten days now have a new home – 5 Zagreb Street, just opposite Yadroto. You have tasted such delicious macarons only in France, and now you can also enjoy them in Kapana. Whether you choose hazelnut, coconut, chocolate, we guarantee that it will be difficult to limit yourself to just one. Moreover, Maya and Peter promise to surprise us with special ice-cream macarons, which, if they are as tasty as they sound, will be sold out for minutes.

We continue with the sweet temptations because in Tigan the pancakes are huge, fluffy and with a variety of toppings. As it says on one of the posters in the café here it is not for people on a diet, but even if we are on a strict regime, we always have a day in which we can afford to stoop, right?

Photo: @reniyakimova

A few meters away is the new restaurant Multi Culti, where you can taste dishes from almost all parts of the world. Perfect location for a worldwide voyage that you can take without getting up from your table, surrounded by a great interior where everything has its purpose. You can start early in the morning with breakfast and finish with dinner, and in the meantime be sure to try the lunch sandwiches.

Veggic is now also in its new location – 9 Zlatarska St. for the joy of all fans of vegan culture. Tempting cakes and desserts, coffee specialties with plant milk and interesting offers for lunch and dinner are guaranteed in the menu.

You can’t miss Brickhouse, walking around Hristo Dyukmedzhiev, and soon they will be presenting their full menu of tapas, cocktails, burgers and all the delicacies we need to get together with a cool company and start a promising evening or to relax after a long working day.

A few meters down Monkey Burgers are preparing something new on the popular street, and we're still to find out when they're planning to open.

We also told you about the new favorite cocktail destination - Gingertale, which welcomes the summer season with a series of promising parties and where the dance floor is never empty. Just wear comfortable shoes!

Kapana is shaping like the space for party and nightlife in Plovdiv and there is no one who remains indifferent to the mood that is felt at every step. On the one side you hear rock, on the other - muffled swing sounds, and everywhere - the faces are smiling and positive.