We leave the city center once again to embark on a culinary journey through the residential areas under the hills


In recent months, three interesting places have caught our attention and often make us leave the center and Kapana to diversify our menu and enrich our taste buds.

It is always worthwhile to try something new, and when delicious food is accompanied by good service and interesting offers on the menu - this is a guarantee of a real culinary feast.

Here's where to go when you feel like eating something delicious and different:


From a butcher and grill to one of the most preferred restaurants for all connoisseurs of meat dishes under the hills. Short, precise and clear - Kasapi restaurant in Komatevo is not an establishment to pass by. It is located in a communicative place, has a garden, and often - an entertainment program for its guests. There is also a fun and quite large children's corner, which makes it extremely suitable for a family visit.

The creators of the place are butchers dedicated to the idea of clean, dry-aged, quality meat. Therefore, everything they serve and offer to their guests, whether it's pork, beef, duck, steak or minced meat, is dry-aged in their 24m3 chamber - the only one this large in Bulgaria. They source from local, organic, certified farms and select the best breeds for meat production.

Kyu Nove

An Italian-Japanese fusion extravaganza of flavors... Yes, it definitely sounds fascinating and even a little weird, but we guarantee it's worth a visit. Everything is fresh and prepared with great skill and desire. The sushi is definitely worth it, and we don't know anyone who isn't a fan of pizza and pasta, so there's something for everyone.

For the spring and summer season, they also opened a cute garden where you can enjoy the delicious dishes from the menu. Be sure to visit Karshiyaka next weekend.

Trattoria Internazionale

This is the place where the taste of Italian cuisine likes to meet the diversity of the whole world. Their carefully selected ingredients and traditional recipes combined with a unique international flavor guarantee an unforgettable gourmet experience. From pasta prepared with love to delicious pizza and fine dining, every dish at Trattoria Internazionale is a delight for the senses.

Their pizza can certainly compete with any made in Italy, and the pasta is excellently prepared and in a variety of flavor combinations. It is directly opposite the first shopping center under the hills and there is ample parking.