The place where Salvatore and Iliana create an even more exciting urban presentation of the Italian soul and cuisine


A little more than three years ago, we told you with real excitement about the culinary endeavor of a young family, which gave rise to a delicious gem - Pasta e Vino Petraglia. They quickly became the undisputed favorites of everyone who appreciates Italian cuisine, and we often heard rave reviews about their delicious and authentic recipes. Salvatore and Iliana always greeted guests with a smile, and anyone who visited them once said they came back for more and more. At times, the small courtyard above Bunardzhika could barely accommodate everyone who wanted to try the delicious food from the weekly menu, so we are not at all surprised that they changed their address to a bigger and more central location.

Casa Petraglia is a completely natural development of the coquettish place and as Iliana told us - "it is their second home". Of course, fate intervened again, as the location next to Tsar Simeon's Garden was occupied for many years by another similar restaurant. Passing by it at the beginning, Iliana has always dreamed of being able to be right here and here life brings pleasant surprises for those who believe and fight for them! Since the beginning of August, the place next to the park is lively again and around it there is a pleasant smell of freshly baked dough and tempting Italian spices.

The larger space allows them to enrich their menu and now in Casa Petraglia you can enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizzas. They also have an interesting story about their pizza-master, who the owners of the restaurant literally "stole" from one of our seaside resorts. They liked the taste of the pasta prepared there so much that they literally burst into the kitchen and tempted him to move under the hills so that we could enjoy his appetizing creations.

Everything is prepared with products imported from Italy, especially its southern part, where Salvatore is from. Don't expect to come across Bulgarian-style recipes with corn and pineapple, or to be offered sauces and ayryan. Rather, they will encourage you to combine dishes with selected Italian wines and finish with a sip of homemade limoncello. 

On the menu you will find some of your favorite recipes from the previous place, such as spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil and tiramisu which melts in your mouth. For connoisseurs there will be weekly offers with seasonal products, and the best thing is that for Casa Petraglia there will be no day off and at lunch you will be able to choose from a daily selection of pizza, pasta, salad and dessert!

The place is spacious enough so that you can sit in two indoor halls and a comfortable outdoor garden, which during the winter months will be isolated from the cold. There is a separate children's corner for the little visitors, so that the mission "with children at a restaurant" is possible.

At Casa Petraglia Salvatore and Iliana really put all their diligence and love and we were not at all surprised when we found out that all their clients followed them and immediately loved the new atmosphere, inspired by many special moments. And it couldn’t be any other way in the place, which is an even more exciting urban presentation of the Italian soul and cuisine!