It is the heart of the urban living in Plovdiv

Kapana is a pulse, an emotion, a provocation and a puzzle. Kapana, meaning “the trap” is at the same time discreet and yet significant and magnetic. It is the heart of the urban living in Plovdiv and deserves exactly this kind of spirit and future – of a creative district – and attractive space and hub for artists, curators, cultural managers, artisans, architects, software specialists, urbanists, writers, musicians and citizens from the entire country and abroad; whether that be a recognizable art level or simply a visitor. There is no other place in Plovdiv, which exists for more than 5 centuries, with such a concentration activities, creating such a remarkable sense of urban environment and atmosphere.

And if you still wonder what makes Kapana district so special, the answer is simple: it’s dimension: it is so easy to be found, being close to all major attractions in the city; you can’t resist but become a part of the concentration of galleries, studios, workshops, pedestrian street spaces, bars and restaurants. The vibe is unique because you are always welcome.  Kapana offers a broad range of possibilities from tasting local and European cuisine (Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece and more) to getting comfortably lost into the cozy ambience of the little streets; it gives you the feeling of friendship, because although being here for first time you will be surrounded by friends.

 The initiative “Kapana Creative District”is developed by “Plovdiv 2019” Foundation which aims to activate the potential of Kapana’s area in Plovdiv by using integrative activities to develop the zone as the first district area of creative industries in the country. With the support of the local authorities, in the last two years, this aim became a reality and as a result this place has been recognized internationally as a real cultural topos. The main purpose of the project is to transform Kapana into a creative hub and place for exploration, innovations and experimentation in the field of creative industries and cultural management. 2 years later Kapana is a place that gives you the European – cultural – hub vibe and full freedom “to get lost”.

The efforts and the support of all operators in the area that have invested time and energy in the revitalization and the maintenance of the district are deeply – rooted and predispose the pulse of a place to stay.