One of the most popular in social media Plovdiv hashtags #oldtown in the pictures of our readers

Perhaps one of the most popular networks in the past year is Instagram. And there is no other way when the visual content there is always presented in the best possible way and you immediately want to catch the plane and jump to the nearest destination, for example. And for all of you who don’t miss the photos with the hashtag #plovdiv, the team of Lost in Plovdiv selected the pictures of our readers from the Old Town. Where time seems to have stopped and the atmosphere reminds of past times of old-world architecture, full of people and tumult, cobblestone streets and tranquility.

The day is wonderful to take advantage of the sunny weather and be a tourist for a day, even in your hometown. The hashtag is #lostinplovdiv

Photo credit:Verginiya Atanasova (@virginia_viva)

Photo credit: merry miteva (@autumn_chocoholic)

Photo credit: Charakchiewa ♐ (@wilicharakchiewa)