Many cool things are happening in Plovdiv this weekend. Enjoy the quality music under the hills, browse the crafts at the Main Street, workout at the Rowing Channel or taste some preserve at the Farmers’ market. And there’s more

Photo: Victor Tsonev

22nd September

Peter Skoog

On Friday night club Fargo will take you on a musical voyage in the world of the crystal sound of vinyl records. The captain will be Peter Skoog who will take care of the good mood with a perfectly mixed variety of musical genres and a special live surprise! Peter Skoog is a talented Bulgarian-Swedish DJ and collector of records who developed his career in Iceland and Spain. His set are an inspiring selection of music which includes different genres and moods.

Club Fargo
9 pm

Autumn Fair of Crafts

The traditional Autumn Fair of Crafts will present over 20 crafts from master craftspeople from Bulgaria, Serbia and Macedonia. Metal sculpture, carving, cutlery, weaving, felting, pottery and artistic ceramics are only part of the crafts which will be exhibited at the bazaar, and the program also includes a show, workshop and master’s night.

Rayko Daskalov St
21-24 September

Hilla @Vintage House

The new party season has a great start at Vintage House. HILLa will take care of the music this Friday and he’ll make people move, drink some beer, whiskey or some shots on the balcony under the stars. And there‘s a cool promotion at the bar – 4 San Miguel beers + 1 free!

Vintage House
9 pm
Free entry

Devin Townsend Project

The sensational Devin Townsend Project will play live for the first time in Bulgaria. The epic show will be of two parts – in the first one Devin Townsend and his band will go on stage together with The Plovdiv State Opera Orchestra conducted by Levon Manukyan in order to play hits chosen by fans. In the second part the legendary album Ocean Machine will be presented on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its release. Children up to 7 years of age can attend the event without a ticket, but without the right to sit.

Ancient Theatre Plovdiv
8 pm

23rd September

ONE DANCE WEEK: Дует за човек и робот

In this performance, choreographer Huang Yi dances with KUKA, one of the most
advanced and recognizable achievements of robotics. We will witness an impressive collaboration between a man who grew up without emotions and an industrial machine with human intelligence.
Together they create a stunning representation not so much of the future but rather of today when people and smart machines live together. Their dance is not just a reflection of the beauty of mechanics and the precision of the movement of the human body. Their dance decodes the unexpressed emotions of our technological reality and it invites us to challenge our perceptions.
KUKA weighs 795kg and will fly from Taiwan to Plovdiv especially for the Bulgarian audience. The robot has numerous applications in production, especially automotive industry and electronics, as this machine with a mechanical hand is capable of performing various complex tasks with great precision. One minute of the machine’s choreography requires 10 hours of fine settings and programming. As one of the most innovative accomplishments of contemporary dance, HUANG YI & KUKA is a great way to
start ONE DANCE WEEK 2017.

House of Culture Boris Hristov
7.30 pm

Holiday of the homemade preserve

Traditionally the end of September is fragrant. This is the time when there is a fire in front of the house in order to make homemade preserve. Everyone who has already made their lyutenitsa, pickles, jams and marmalades can share their experience or try the creations of the other at the Holiday of the homemade preserve at the Farmers’ market Plovdiv.

Second level of Mall Markovo Tepe
11 am

The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2017: Plovdiv

f you truly see another person, many words become irrelevant. Often in our dynamic everyday life we don’t really look at each other as we are on our smart devices, planning, contemplating.
Let’s share a minute of eye contact with strangers and try to create and feel a sense of connectedness and humanity!

This event is organized all around the world and for the first time in Plovdiv.
We will have clear signs saying “Where has the human connection gone? Share 1 minute of eye contact to find out…”

This event is a part of The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2017: Global Event, coordinated by The Liberators International in cities all over the world and your participation will help create a global video message for peace and human connection.

Saedinenie Square
7 pm

24th September

Plovdiv Sport Fest

Apart from resting at home Sunday is a great day for sport and movement as well. A varied program with lots of free activities awaits every sports enthusiast at Plovdiv Sport Fest. Take part in an open workout of boxing, crossfit, athletics, Kangoo Jump, football, Tabata  and many others and you can be included in a lottery with prizes from Decathlon.

The playgrounds of Plovdiv Youth Center
11 am