The talented Plovdiv photographer Joro Matov captured for us a fun afternoon on the rink


Two weeks are left until the date when the ice facility is closed, so we advise you to take full advantage. During the weekends,it’s a real madness in the area and it is not uncommon for the queue of people wishing to try their virtuoso movements to be so long that it reaches the cafes. Children and teenagers seem to be the most active, but older people often surprise us with some semi-professional spins. Even if you haven’t tried it, don’t hesitate - take some cute bear or penguin for support and put on your skates. Ice skating has been shown to increase mood and is a perfect physical activity. Skating burns a minimum of 450 calories per hour and tones your body perfectly. You can also develop better coordination and concentration on the ice rink.

And if we haven’t been able to convince you to indulge in spectacular performance with the benefits of ice skating, we hope that Joro Matov's footage will manage to recreate the indescribably fun atmosphere: