You live in Plovdiv, you work in Plovdiv but are you a "rea"l Plovdiver?

The team of Lost in Plovdiv fixed 5+1 differences that distinguish the native Plovdiver from the one that came a few years or days ago.

Big cities are an attraction for anyone who is trying to succeed, whether in work, education or for fun. The unspoken capital of Bulgaria - Plovdiv, is no exception to the global trend. The higher standard of life of "mainas" made people from all over the country lose themselves in Plovdiv.

The citizens of the future European capital of culture 2019 don’t mispronounce words such as pIlI, tIlIfon, tIlivizor (chicken, telephone, television).

The registration plates of the cars of real Plovdivers start with PB, and of the "fake" ones with X, CM, PA, and other letter combinations. There are more cars in Plovdiv than Plovdivers. Even the parking spaces in the new complexes, a working dormitory type, on the outskirts of the city, are scarce.

Real Plovdivers know that electronic boards at public transport stops can’t be relied on for accurate and complete information. "The fakes" - can only set their watch on them and not always.

Natives keep the memory of history and continue to call many of the renamed buildings, streets and places with their old names. For them, the Roman Stadium is still Dzhumaya, 22 Septemvri Square - Grape Market, Patriarch Evtimii School - Lilyana, the building of the Municipality on 1 Central Square - The Party House, and others.

In the rainy and gloomy autumn-winter days, the real Plovdivers meet with friends in one of the tiny cozy cafes on the small central streets and “bichat aylyak” (Aylyak is an untranslatable Bulgarian word, widely used to describe a certain state of mind which roughly means to be supremely relaxed, unfazed by external pressures, and receptive to the pleasures of existence), and the "fakes"- they relax "shopping" in the mall and most often use adjacent green areas and sidewalks for parking.

"Fake" Plovdivers come to Kapana either during festivals or as part of their usual walk at the Main Street during the weekend. For them, Adidas is a formal outfit, and McDonald's – high-end establishment. Real Plovdivers - they drink beer during the week, too, in Kotka i Mishka!

The people born in Plovdiv remain in the tranquility of the town during the weekend, and the "fake" citizens of Plovdiv provide their comfort by going to their native places.

And for those who didn’t understand, we note that the article is written with a sense of humor and any resemblance to actual people and events is unintentional and purely accidental!