We have heard about a number of miracle pills, but there is nothing more effective than folk recipes and old "Bulgarian" tricks


The time between Christmas and New Year holidays is one of the biggest tests for our liver. This is the time when everyone returns to their hometowns and the reasons for toasts don't end until the morning. There's always time for one more, and the long string of days off makes for even more parties and long hours spend on the table until dawn.

Waking up, however, is not counted in the pleasant part at all and we always wish we had finished the drinking earlier. Fortunately, in Bulgaria, we have several tried and tested ways, with which in most cases we successfully fight hangovers and neutralize the unpleasant effects of alcohol the day after the celebration.

Tripe soup

Undoubtedly, it is one of the best remedies against the unpleasant sensations from the quantities of alcohol consumed. The tripe contains a large amount of digestive enzymes extracted when it is cooked. They act like a pill, boosting the metabolism and restoring the salts, proteins and minerals lost by the body. It is important for it, in addition to being fatty, to be sour and spicy. And where they serve it tastiest under the hills, you can see in our article about the secret places for tripe soup.

Cabbage juice

Well known to all Bulgarians, cabbage juice contains a lot of vitamin C, salt and citrates. They help limit the toxic effects of alcohol. Along with it, it is mandatory to take a large amount of water. And if you wonder where to get some, you can ask your neighbor - surely thousands of Bulgarians have at least one can in their basements.

Cold beer

This idea seems to work on the principle of " hair of the dog that bit you", but the fact is that it works for some. Especially if you pair it with a bowl of hot tripe soup. However, keep in mind that if you overdo it with beer, it will be even harder to get over the negative effects of a hangover. Therefore, the maxim applies here - everything in moderation.

Greasy banitsa with ayryan

This is a something that combines the beneficial effects of carbohydrates to increase blood sugar and the rich in vitamins and microelements lactic acid product. You can read where the tastiest banitsas are in one of the older texts on the site, and we can only hope that some of them will work on the first day of the year.


In addition to helping with nausea, ginger also soothes the stomach. It has strong antioxidant properties and neutralizes free radicals. You can consume it as a tea to drink several times throughout the day. Add some honey and half a lemon to it. You're guaranteed to feel a lot better.