Take advantage of the holiday and dive into the patriotic spirit of the picturesque Balkan town located in less than an hour’s way from Plovdiv


A few years ago, on the Day of the Liberation, we went to the birthplace of one of the greatest Bulgarian heroes - Vasil Levski, and today we continue the tradition with the house in which the Patriarch of Bulgarian Literature grew up.

Ivan Vazov was born on July 9, 1850 in the town of Sopot in the old house of his family, built in the 18th century by his great-grandfather. It was set on fire in July 1877 during the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation.

In 1920, on the eve of the jubilee celebrations in honor of the 70th anniversary of the birth and 50 years of literary activity of the poet, the Sopot Society in Sofia came up with the idea to restore his home, and Ivan Vazov himself made a sketch of his childhood home, which was also used for the restoration.

Construction began in 1931. The interior of the building was made under the management of the director of the Ethnographic Museum in Sofia St. L. Kostov and was based on information from the Vazov brothers and Vala Vazova-Fetvadzhieva. The work of the writer, especially his novel "Under the Yoke", was used as a source for the restoration of the interior. In one of the rooms The Ethnographic Museum in Sofia restored Hadzhi Achilles' Barber Shop with Vazov's colorful characters from the stories "Hadzhi Achilles" and "Uncles".

On June 6, 1935, the house was inaugurated as a museum. Sopot was decorated with flags, carpets and roses. Metropolitan Maxim of Plovdiv gave a memorial service and a holy water service. Professor Mikhail Arnaudov gave a speech. Tsar Boris III also gave a speech in front of the poet’s restored house, cut the ribbon and declared it open. In 1964 the building was declared a cultural monument of national importance.

On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of the national poet, on July 8, 1970 an exposition about his life and creative path was opened in the museum built next to his home.

The house in Sopot brings the atmosphere of the Revival era with its unique color, emanating from the colors of the Sopot rugs and kitenitsi, woven by the skillful hands of Vazov's mother - Saba Vazova. Here, in the kitchen with the hearth, his large family gathered around the table.

The city has also been an important part of the life of the fighter for freedom Vasil Levski. He accepted the monastic order and the name Ignatius on December 7, 1858 in the Sopot monastery of St. Spas and according to history quite a lot of his business ran here. Near the house of Ivan Vazov is the convent of the Virgin Mary, where the nuns hid the Apostle of Freedom for almost 4 years. Today, only the church of the Holy Mother of God, the fountain and the hiding place of Levski, dug into the ground, remain of the holy monastery. The surviving vine in the Maiden's Convent, which is about 350 years old and continues to produce grapes, is considered to be the oldest vine in Southeast Europe.

Take advantage of the holiday and dive into the patriotic spirit of the picturesque Balkan towns located in less than an hour’s way from Plovdiv. Be sure to combine with a tour to Karlovo and Kalofer.