The quality of life that he can achieve in his hometown inspired him to start his own business here

Working in a Michelin star restaurant is the dream of many of the people in the culinary industry, and being offered to head a team sounds like something hard to reach and really longed for. Harry, however, chose to return to his hometown of Plovdiv and devote his energy to creating something of his own to inspire people to seek the health and quality of the food they consume.

It all began nearly ten years ago when Harry enrolled to study culinary art in the former Public Catering School in the city under the hills with the desire to develop his passion. There, of course, everything was presented in such an old fashion that he took to his other hobby - Kūdō- until several injuries brought him back to his original desire to work as a chef. He started professionally 8 years ago in a famous Plovdiv restaurant but when he was offered the opportunity to practice abroad, he went to Germany. He started professionally in a high-end restaurant with almost no German knowledge, but his dedication didn’t go unnoticed and unappreciated. The whole thing became a big race and an opportunity to get a craft that can be stolen and break it through your own prism and signature. With every next workplace, Harry enriched his knowledge and absorbed everything he has seen by the big chefs in order to do it himself. One of his teachers was chosen as the Chef of the Year in Austria.

The whole work, effort, sleepless nights spent working, reading and learning new recipes and techniques were rewarded when they promoted him to a chef in a Michelin star restaurant. And not just anywhere but in a luxury five-star hotel in the Austrian Alps whose hi-tech kitchen is equipped for over € 1,000,000 and gives a full scope to showcase the skills and fantasies of the team working in it. The daily task of everyone was to prepare an absolutely different menu of seasonal products. It was forbidden for meals to be repeated over time, and quality and presentation should be worthy of the guests who come to try out something alien as taste and vision.

The total tension and the desire to develop their own business motivated Harry and his girlfriend Maria to return to Bulgaria to go their own way. Days after their decision came the big temptation in the form of an offer to head the kitchen as a chef and to have the opportunity to create and manage his own team. The dilemma was difficult... What made him choose Bulgaria and Plovdiv was the quality of life he can get here. No tension and work for 12+ hours, no need for daily reading to keep up with the latest trends, but with the idea to live in a quiet village close to the city and to grow as many products as possible with which to create. A few months later, the idyllic village house, the garden of herbs and vegetables, the mountain several kilometers away from where you can pick the most delicious fruits from each meadow and discover the most amazing herbs that you pay for dearly abroad was a fact.

The place for healthy food Borovinki is the endeavor with which Harry wants to inspire Bulgarians to choose better quality products and to show that here you can achieve quality and peace of mind that can be just a mirage abroad. The field of expression is enormous and the limits of development are only in our imagination because sometimes the peaks in the profession are not enough to satisfy human consciousness.

In Bulgaria, we have much more than what we are aware of, but unfortunately, absorbed in the ambition to overcome ourselves, we often