The lockdown, which lasted more than two months, provided Plovdiv residents with various ways to spend their weekends without restaurants and gatherings indoors


We have introduced you to the history of the Maritsa River, going back to the time before Antiquity and the time when it was navigable. We walked together along its southern shore, in our opinion an excellent alternative to the overly busy Rowing Channel on the weekends, and today we will reveal to you another activity that we have recently observed, passing along the alleys along the water pool.

Apparently, the closed establishments and the too long depressing situation due to the coronavirus have stimulated Plovdiv residents to find new ways to spend the weekends. And especially in good weather, if you look ahead at the water, you will see hundreds of perched fishermen, stretching chairs and fishing rods and spending the weekend in sweet talk and patiently waiting for something to bite. Well, sometimes the whole activity ends with going through the fish stand of the store, but socialization and doing something different are central in this case.

After the Danube, the Maritsa River is the deepest Bulgarian river, and in Plovdiv, one of the most popular places for practicing sports is the space between the bridge of Vasil Aprilov and Gerdzhika. There, the sloping shore is very convenient for getting off in cars and on sunny days the traffic is quite intense. A few meters away, enthusiasts have even made an improvised shed with a table and benches for relaxation. However, it is not so useful in the winter months, as it is sheltered by vegetation and the sun fails to warm it well.

Quite a lot of the enthusiasts come to the place just to breathe fresh air and immediately release back what was caught on the fishing rods. Others, however, carefully compare the sizes of the captured specimens and strictly monitor what and where it bites best. The most common fish are mullet, catfish, carp, grass carp and others. Fishing on Maritsa is best when the water is muddy. Usually after rain or torrential rain the fish is more careless. There are drowned animals on the surface - mole crickets, worms, insects and the fish go to collect them near the shore. All masters strictly monitor the level of the river, because the lower it is, the better conditions it offers. The place you choose to start fishing is also important for the fish. Avid anglers pass on their knowledge by word of mouth, through generations, and now on the Internet there are a number of forums and sites where you can find out about suitable areas, baits, rules and everything related to the science of fishing.

And if you just want to cheer up from the weekday thoughts, next time in good weather, grab the tools and find a place between the bridges - you will certainly meet company, and you might get some good advice!