An attraction that is sure to impress children and thrill hearts big and small


After our article about the Stamboliyski eco park and the countless possibilities for children's entertainment there, today we reveal another place near Plovdiv that deserves to be visited next weekend.

The town of Rakovski is located just 25 kilometers northeast of the city of the hills and is the perfect destination for a weekend tour. About three years ago, a delightful project was realized in the place. In one of the parks of the municipal center of the town, a real fairy-tale world was created with images of characters from the works of famous and beloved Bulgarian authors.

Each spot has a sign with the story itself, life-size figures of characters and attributes from the stories. The first that were set were Grandfather's Glove, Kose Bose and The Wheat Bread, but then many more stories were added in The Fairy Forest, as the place was later called.

There is plenty of space to walk and relax and it is very suitable for small children who are guaranteed to be enchanted by the stories and their favorite characters.

Since this year, a new attraction inspired by the seven wonders of the world has been opened in the park. The project presents miniature models of the most famous world landmarks - the Statue of Christ in Rio De Janeiro, the Pyramid of Kukulcan in Mexico, Machu Picchu in Peru, Petra in Jordan, the Colosseum in Rome, the Taj Mahal in India and the Great Wall of China.

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The author of the models is Ivaylo Bilalov, and the idea is his and of the mayor of Rakovski - Pavel Gudzherov. The material for their construction is biodegradable and of plant origin.

The purpose of the park is not only to be a place for rest and play, but also to educate its visitors, revealing to them the beauty of the world and of fairy tales. Everyone's wish is that the inspiration doesn’t stop and that more impressive models appear in the space to attract more and more visitors.

You can combine the tour to Rakovski with a visit to the village of storks - Belozem, which is located in the immediate vicinity. And for more ideas, don't miss reading where to go around Plovdiv with children, because there are never too many alternatives for entertaining the little ones!