We reveal a part of the iconic places for street art under the hills


We have already shown you Plovdiv through the sight of Free Plovdiv Tour guides, and today we are trying out their latest route dedicated to street art under the hills. Plovdiv Graffiti Tour is currently held every Sunday and Monday at exactly 2 pm and starts from the well-known place in front of the Municipality building. Our team visited the seventh edition of the interesting tour and we were definitely impressed by the things we learned. The tour was made entirely of research by the organizers.

Our guide Velis introduced us in great detail to the history of graffiti culture in our city, popular names among artists, and various styles. During the tour, he also showed us the classical Plovdiv art and the "sgraffito" technique by Dimitar Kirov, Georgi Bozhilov - Elephant and others. We were amazed that, even as locals, we did not pay attention to many of the hidden works that one can not see on the traditional selfies in Kapana.

Graffiti in recent years is definitely a great way to diversify and beautify the urban environment. With the organization of legal street festivals and empowering creators by the Plovdiv Municipality, graffiti is increasingly enriching spaces and losing their underground element to translate into true color stories.

Plovdiv Graffiti Tour is not a traditional way of exploring the city, but it gives this specific look at a place you can't find alone. At Lost in Plovdiv, we show you only a small selection of works and we strongly recommend that you go for a professional guide yourself. You will be amazed at how much you will learn!