Explore the inside of the main Muslim temple in Plovdiv with the only digital guide under the hills


Muradiye (Dzhumaya) mosque is located in the center of Plovdiv and according to historians it was built between 1433 and 1436. The Muslim temple has a size of 40 to 30 meters. Four massive columns support three cupolas over the central part and the two side galleries have three covered with lead cupolas. The walls are built on the so-called cellular construction- two layers of bricks alternating with one layer of cut stone and bricks are placed vertically between the stone blocks. This type of masonry was applied in the Balkan Peninsula in the construction of churches and fortifications. Originally Muradiye Mosque had five dome anteroom covered with lead supported by stone columns. This is also a testimony to the early construction of the temple, because the later mosques have only one dome. It collapsed probably as a result of earthquake and in 18th century was replaced by a two-storey wooden building, which exists today too.

The architecture of the Dzhumaya mosque is similar to that of mosques built in Sofia, Bursa and Edirne. At that time, the Ottomans were strongly influenced by the Slavonic-Byzantine art and architecture they discovered after coming to the Balkans. The mosque is elongated and is a three-nave basilica with an altar niche. It was named in honor of Lord Murad, whose order beganthe construction, but is better known as Ulu Dzhumaya mosque. This means "main", "Friday" mosque.

The original decoration of the mosque was significantly damaged by an 18th century earthquake and it was renewed in 1817-1818 in the modern at the time Ottoman baroque style. In its current interior it was restored with the financial help of Municipality of Istanbul.

In the northeast there is a minaret, with red bricks on white plaster, forming the mesh decoration. With its impressive size, the mosque became not only one of the largest Ottoman monuments in Bulgaria, but also one of the most impressive buildings in the Balkans. The Muradiye Mosque is a national monument of culture and one of the four oldest buildings in Plovdiv that has never changed its purpose.