Only about 20 kilometers from Plovdiv, you can enjoy unique mountain views and take in the scent of pines, birches, firs


Spring is one of the best seasons for a walk. Everything is green, blooming and full of life, and we are eager for tours and new tourist routes. And although today we won’t take you very far from Plovdiv, every kilometer to the picturesque Rhodope village of Dedevo is worth it.

It is located about 25 kilometers from the city under the hills, at 1060 meters above sea level. The area is famous for its clean air not only in Bulgaria, but also abroad. It is believed to have arisen in the 17th century near a century-old beech tree and the life-giving spring Holy Spirit springing under it, which later gave its name to a chapel with an ayazmo. Its name is associated with the first creator - the Elder of a large Bulgarian family, called Grandfather by everyone. According to some researchers, Dedevo comes from the word dedec. This is what the Bogomils called their elder.

In 1966 the name was changed by decree to Dedovo, but to this day most people in the district use its original version.

The Saint Athanasius Church is one of the four oldest churches in the Plovdiv Diocese, according to the data of the Holy Synod. Erected on the highest point, it was consecrated in 1838 and has over 175 years of history. The first monastery or cell school was established in 1837 in its yard. Zahari Stoyanov taught there. The village was also mentioned several times in his book Notes on the Bulgarian Uprisings.

Many tourist routes depart from the village, the most popular being Dedevo - Ravnishta. Dedevo - Boykovo is the only one of the five once legendary trails in this area that is still easily accessible today. In contrast, the routes Dedevo - Sitovo, Dedevo - Byala Cherkva and Dedevo - Hrabrino require an expert guide. For experienced tourists, there are also the directions Dedevo - Zdravets Hut and Dedevo - Sveti Petar cottage area - Pepelashka Reka - Byala Cherkva.

Every first Saturday of August, a traditional assembly is held here. Three days a week - on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, morning and evening - and on Sunday - only in the evening, there is a bus to and from Dedevo. In Plovdiv, it departs from Rhodope Bus Station, and the line also passes through Parvenets, Hrabrino and Ravnishta. One-way ticket is BGN 3.50.