Former and current mayors and deputies are currently living there


Text and photos: Tanya Grozdanova

General Danail Nikolaev Street encircles the northern foot of our favorite hill of Bunardzhika. Although in the very center of the city, it is one of the quietest old streets in the lowlands of Plovdiv, away from the hectic everyday life. It bears the name of the godfather of the last Bulgarian tsar, who began his service to the Bulgarian state as a company commander of the 5th Bulgarian Army in the Bulgarian militia during the Russo-Turkish War. As part of his military career tied to Plovdiv, Danail Nikolaev removed the governor-general of Eastern Rumelia on September 6, 1885, ensuring the implementation of the Union of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia. He is also known as the "Patriarch of the Bulgarian Army".

Today's Plovdiv residents call the one-way street simply "Danaila" and most associate it with the non-existent iconic Rocker Cafe. All the rockers were gathering in it and with a roar of bikes they set the beginning of the season in the spring.

Up to this point, however, one of the oldest bakeries in the City under the hills has been preserved at its very beginning, where the breads are made by hand, just as in the past. Until the early 1970s, there was a blacksmith shop operating opposite it.

During socialism, an interesting architectural group with a fountain was built near the community center, while renovating the central quarter. The work bears the extremely "appropriate" name for a place at the foot of the hill - "Dunes". It is remarkable that this fountain never worked, as it did not comply with the water supply network when designing. Today, the Dunes are an attractive place for children to play and evening gatherings for teenagers in the neighborhood.Among the old socialist landmarks of this neighborhood was the Winery/Vinprom, now there are offices and ateliers.

It was on this street that the first and only 3D pedestrian walkway to the DrPetarBeron Primary School was constructed in Plovdiv. It is painted with graffiti. The good thing is that everyone in the district knows each other and the locals like to shop from the small neighborhood shops where there is everything. This is how the community supports the family business.