The team of the only digital guide in Plovdiv will take you on a culinary feast with some of their most tempting offers


For the eighteenth consecutive year, Bacchus gave awards to the most distinguished restaurants in the prestigious national contest Restaurant of the year Bacchus, Acqua Panna& S. Pellegrino. To the delight of all Plovdiv residents and guests of the city, some of the statuettes were brought from the capital in the city under the hills.

All the restaurants are located in the creative district of Kapana and today the team of the only digital guide in Plovdiv will take you on a culinary feast with some of their most tempting offers.

"New Wave: Brunch" is a category that takes into account the latest trends of the past year, namely the boom of restaurants offering a late breakfast turning into lunch. Only places whose overall concept and menu are organized around the brunch, rather than offering it only on the weekend, are selected. The winner of the prize is Multi Culti and we admit that we are not surprised at all. We recommend that you visit it for a late breakfast and don’t hesitate to combine your meal with a cocktail. The overall classics are Benedict eggs, but today, from the gastro bar suggest you try the more exotic flavor of the Vietnamese sandwich Banh Mi.

It is made from Vietnamese baguette with sourdough, foie gras, pork loin fillet in an Asian marinade, hoisin mayonnaise (prepared on the spot from a classic Chinese hoisin sauce), cucumbers, pickle, carrot, daikon (Japanese white radish) and jalapeno.

Combine it with the original cocktail, Asia, which is a twist of Blood Mary with beets and Asian spices to further enhance your tastes and get you straight across the continent.

In the Debut category triumphs one of the newest places in Kapana – Tams House. Their concept can most accurately be defined as wine and dine, or where any dish can be consumed with a specially selected wine. Here we offer you to try the duck magret, roasted boneless ribs and... the desserts. And they are just divine. A total hit is the famous "Egg", which is a lime and lemon cheesecake with mango yolks and all this covered with white chocolate. The taste is divine and we aren’t exaggerating - the sweetness and freshness of the lime combine in a unique way. Our other option is "Apples of Discord", but why not both!? In the restaurant, we were told that they are already working on a refreshed spring menu with more fish, fresh flavors and dishes combined with the light taste of white wine. Of course, the desserts will remain, so you have time to enjoy them.

A few steps away from the debut is also the favorite of the readers. For the third consecutive year, Plovdiv's Pavaj is a winner of the category "Readers’ choice" and the hat-trick is a serious proof that it continues to be a total phenomenon on the Bulgarian culinary scene. The reservation for lunch or dinner is absolutely obligatory. Our team met with the owners personally to present us with the newest temptations that we advise you to try today.

The lamb roast will surely set you on a spring wave. It is cooked at a low temperature for over 20 hours. It is garnished with rice, prepared with oyster mushroom and royal Agaricus, green salad and cow's cheese from Borino. For those who experiment with local tastes, the horse steak is a must - a bold offer and one of the main highlights of the seasonal menu. The desserts are now being prepared in the confectionery studio, set in a special room, and this season we go back to our childhood with home cake bars. It has a caramelized center and caramelized white chocolate and is topped with dark chocolate that fills our palate with divine sweetness. For Easter, they prepare Easter bread, even more seasonal products from their private garden and promise to surprise us constantly with interesting combinations that meet the ever-growing expectations of customers.