In full contrast to one of our latest articles The other face of Plovdiv today we'll show you the blooming European Capital of Culture 2019


Today is the most colorful holiday in the Bulgarian calendar, and we celebrate not only the solemn reception of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem with laurel and olive branches but also the birth of nature and its awakening under the warm embrace of spring.

In contrast to one of our latest articles, The other face of Plovdiv, today we’ll show you the blooming European Capital of Culture 2019.

Because Plovdiv is full of colors that we often miss to notice! Have you been looking at the roses on the boulevards in the traffic jams or hurrying for the next assignment in the Tsar-Simeon's Garden? Shaped by municipal officials, from people of Plovdiv, and in places naturally flowering and blooming, flowers make the view truly springy.

You must go to the Old Plovdiv where you will find an installation built in front of the Balabanov’s House, made of flowers, where everyone may join and put a flower they brought.

Immerse yourself in the colorful fairy tale and the next time you are on a walk - stop and admire the beauty around you, whether you’re a local or in Plovdiv for a while: