Colorful bouquets of soaps and hand-painted clothes and shoes are one of the most spectacular items at the traditional exhibition


The upcoming holidays are the perfect time for taking a walk, shopping and relaxing with friends and loved ones. Fortunately, this year the sun is expected to be with us, so a tour of the Main Street will be a mandatory part of getting some movement after the rich Easter meals.

From the 21st to the 25th of April on Central Square above the subway more than 80 Bulgarian authors of handicrafts, fashion and cosmetic brands, as well as producers of organic and natural foods and beverages will once again amaze us with their imagination. We will be able to enjoy selected producers of honey, tahini, hot sauces, chocolate, tea and dairy products. Besides them, at the bazaar we’ll find many new offers in the field of organic and natural cosmetics, limited series of clothes, jewelry, accessories, children's and educational books, handmade lamps, leather goods, candles, ceramic dishes and many unique ideas and products, especially selected for Plovdiv residents and guests of the city.

The little ones had not been forgotten. For them there is a special stand with home-made wooden climbing frames that allow children to test the capabilities of their body, learn their own limits, help to develop gross motor skills, physical strength and agility and promote free movement and play.

Hand-painted clothes, jewelry and shoes are presented in extremely fresh and bright colors, and for those who prefer to skip the walk and just relax on the side - cocktails will be prepared on site.