Drinking coffee is a ritual and even if sometimes we can’t spend the time it takes, it is good to at least choose your favorite taste.

It's no secret that we live in such a fast-paced world where sometimes we don’t even have time to drink our cup of coffee in the comfort of our own home or in the pleasant atmosphere of our favorite café. This is the reason many of us prefer to enjoy their favorite drink while they are in a hurry for the working day or in the little time between their everyday tasks. Until a few years ago, the only option of taking coffee on the go was the coffee machines in the streets, which, although comfortable, can’t offer the quality product we are used to. Coffee on the go doesn’t mean bad coffee, and we at Lost in Plovdiv will share a few favorite places where even if you take your coffee in a plastic cup, it will in no way affect its taste qualities.

We start with Croatóan - SPECIALTY COFFEE SHOP because coffee here is not just special but also different. Every month you can enjoy a new variety specially selected by Dabov Specialty Coffee and satisfy not only your taste sensations but also the spirit of experiments and discovery of impressive aromas and moments. Let the staff recommend you the best-caffeinated drink and enjoy your espresso, cappuccino or filter coffee, even if you’re in a hurry for work in the morning. For the vegans, there is also a choice of plant milk to enjoy the delicious latte with a fluffy foam that the barista will prepare for you.

Enjoy the coffee is another cafeteria that we may miss if we’re in a hurry, but we remind you that walking along Hristo G. Danov Street you can also enjoy a well-prepared coffee. They work with the Italian brand Trucilo, and you c can always get fresh seasonal berries for breakfast with the cup of the fragrant liquid. For the summer we also suggest you try the cold coffee with a lot of chocolate and start the day with a smile and good mood.

Another place for good coffee is located just opposite the Botev stadium on Iztok Boulevard and promises to wake us even if we didn’t have time for a sip of coffee at home. Fast, easy and tasty - in SLAGO Coffee Shop you grab it short or long, with or without sugar, and combine it with cold-pressed fresh juice. We assure you that the combination is a guarantee for a perfect start to a wonderful day.

Perhaps we won’t surprise you with Costa Coffee Bulgaria, because here you can really find a huge variety of authentic coffee drinks that complement and change with seasonal offers so that there’s a choice of any preference. For hot summer days, they recommend their Cold Brew drink, which you can order with or without milk, as well as the favorite Frostino with three whole flavors.

Of course, coffee in a plastic cup can also be taken from your favorite café in case it is on your way or in any 24-hour shop because in most places there are coffee machines for this purpose.   

Drinking coffee is a ritual and even if sometimes we can’t spend the time it takes, it is good to at least choose your favorite taste.

And where do you get your coffee in the morning?