While some prefer the vast spaces, others choose small coffee-shops with good internet connection

Co-working spaces have long been nothing new. More and more people, mainly working in the digital sphere, refuse to work in an office and prefer freelance. At first working from home sounds great, especially if you have worked at the other side of the city for a few years, have had predetermined working hours, and other standard requirements. If any of you have ever worked from home, you know very well how you get tired of it as soon as the first week, and it's even possible to get paranoid or depressed by the fact that communication with people is minimized. And as if this isn’t enough, at home there is always something to distract you - household errands, pets or roommates/significant others. So, of course you would prefer a co-working space! Not only is it a change of setting but also a chance to meet people with similar interests and pursuits.

That is why today the best guide of Plovdiv, www.lostinplovdiv.com, will reveal some of its favorite co-working spaces in the city under the hills. We've visited each of them and we can guarantee that not only will you have a good internet connection but it is inevitable to meet interesting people.

We are starting with the most central coworking space in the Kapana creative district - Cat & Mouse Coworking.  It is the place for all those creative people who need a slightly more relaxed atmosphere but without going beyond the boundaries of the creative district, where inspiration is literally everywhere. The main purpose of the space is freelancers and entrepreneurs to be able to exchange experience and even help and complement themselves in the realization of business ideas. The advantages of Cat and Mouse Coworking are the top location in the very center of the city and in the heart of the fastest growing district, the opportunity to work and to absorb from the creative environment in a community of people with innovative ideas and in the sphere of various activities, a self-contained workplace near the most popular bar under the hills and the chance to alternate work with pleasure.

We continue with our beloved Limacon. Over time, Limacon has evolved not as a shared work space, but rather as a venue for a wide variety of events, meetings, discussions and motivational conversations. Their green "garden" is only a 15-minute walk from the center of Plovdiv. The exact address is 154A Maritsa Str. If you can’t find the entrance at first, we’ll give you a tip – it’s left from the entrance of the post office. The place is very cozy and comfortable, and the proprietors - Ivan and Valia will welcome you with the widest smiles. Definitely worth visiting.

Another co-working space that definitely deserves the attention of freelancers in Plovdiv is Biz Labs. The site is located on 152 6th September Blvd. and for several years it has been a gathering point for people who mainly work in the sphere of information technologies. You can rent a place for a day, a week or a month, and at your disposal you’ll have all the necessary office equipment that you may need at any given time. The internet is great, and you can also exchange experience and accumulated knowledge with other people who will certainly be interested in things that would be of interest to you as well.

Another space that has naturally become a meeting point for designers is Otsreshta. Again in the city center, the place offers besides a secure internet connection and homely comfort. You can spend the whole day there, and if you love to paint, you'll definitely meet at least a few local designers who love to visit the place.

Reggus is another option for an office in Plovdiv. It is a fairly large center where you can book both a personal workplace for an hour, day or month, as well as office space for your team. The atmosphere there is a little more formal and corporate, but again it is an option if your work requires dedication and concentration.

If you want to escape from the work environment and rather look for something very relaxed and peaceful, we can immediately recommend you several Plovdiv places that have a great internet connection and are suitable for work outdoors. We shall start with  Cat & Mouse. During the day the cult beerhouse in the heart of the Kapana creative district is a gathering point for freelancers who work in a relaxed environment while enjoying a wide range of beers (mostly after they’ve finished their work, of course) . The place also offers great coffee.

Another place that would suit your need for variety and outdoor work is definitely Artnewscafe . Located at the end of Otets Paisii Street, the place is popular not only with the interesting events and parties organized there but also with the peaceful environment during the weekdays. The Internet is great, and if you are looking for inspiration for a project you are working on, first drink a cup of coffee, talk to a few and the muse will suddenly come.

Do you work outside? Share your favorite places where everyone can take their laptop and have fun while working.

The article was updated in August 2019.