Several suggestions for entertainment and recreation where children can learn new skills and spend an unforgettable vacation


The month of May will be coming to an end sooner than we think and once again the question of how to schedule the time of their child during the long summer days will be on the agenda for parents. Last year, we prepared for you a short guide with various day-cares and educational centers in Plovdiv, which organize groups most often for the period of June and July. Today, however, we looked for entertainment outside the city, which in various periods combine both relaxation and learning new skills in nature.

Rhodope Adventure Mission Children's Camp 2023 from the Reverso Adventure School

The venue is the Zdravets Eco Hotel, and the age range is 9-12 years.

The organizers promise that the children will have fun all day long and enjoy the wonderful views that surround them. Some evenings are planned to be spent in the hotel and others in the forest around the fire. They will think about and carry out expeditions in the centuries-old forests that surround them, they will make things with clay, crayons and natural materials, they will get dirty and bathe in the pool. They will cross ropes stretched high through the treetops, try horseback riding, search for treasures and hidden legends, discover the signs of the forest and learn to navigate with a map and compass. And when they encounter difficulties, they will overcome them with games.

Summer children's camp in the Rhodopes from

The base is in the Divi Rodopi Ranch, Zdravets village, Laki municipality, Rhodopes. The duration is 7 days, with 6 nights included, and lots of entertainment is planned for the children. The days are organized in advance, each day being unique and magical, offering something new and exciting! Here are some of the activities that children will be able to enjoy:

• Horseback riding in the mountains with experienced instructors

• Mountain hikes through beautiful areas

• Collecting herbs, wild fruits, mushrooms, flowers and getting to know the forest and its flora and fauna

• A variety of outdoor and indoor games

• Campfires and a picnic in nature

• Competitions for speed, dexterity and skill

• Cooking lessons and getting to know the Rhodope way of life and culture

• Caring for the ranch animals - watching, feeding and cleaning

• Off-road jeep ride

• Swimming pool and swimming lessons in crystal clear lakes

• Boat ride in the lakes of Haydushki Polyani

• Movie nights with themed movies about horses

• Making forest signs, birdhouses and wood and ironwork

• Various art activities related to drawing, decoupage, plasticine, paper and fabric

• Activities related to the construction of gazebos, tables and benches in the village and the mountains

• Visiting sights in the Rhodopes region

• Conquering peaks, visiting waterfalls, lakes, meadows

• Rope park

Camps from

The organization has an extremely rich portfolio of a variety of opportunities, literally from small to large and at any time of the vacation. There are options for both base camps, in which the participants don’t change their location for the night, and for traveling camps, in which the location changes every day. To be authentic and adventurous, in most of the places children sleep in tents. The level of difficulty of the activities is tailored to the physical capabilities of the children and youth in the respective age group.

In base camps, the goal is for children to acquire skills and knowledge for various activities in nature, to feel its beauty with respect and understanding, to learn more about it and why we should protect it.

Wild Rhodopes are suitable for those children and young people who are looking for repeated encounters with nature. The programs are adventurous and expeditionary and build on what was learned in the initial courses. Within these camps, the participants make mountain treks in different parts of the Rhodopes, move on foot, by bike or by boat and change the places they camp on a daily basis; they learn independence, responsibility and caring for others.

The expeditions are for those with an affinity for more extreme experiences. These camps develop skills in mountain biking, climbing, paddling, wilderness survival and give youth the opportunity to experience the mountains in an unforgettable way.

There are also family camps for those who want to spend more time with their loved ones.

Of course, these are only a small part of the options that provide an interesting and educational program for school-age children. They are a perfect option if you want to take the little ones away from the city and give them the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills about nature and find new friendships!