And where do you sin culinary

We have finally left the summer and the diet behind, and now we can indulge in some culinary temptations without remorse. At least until after the New Year, as all diets start on January 1st, right?

Of course, we at the digital guide of Plovdiv have always admired the adherence to diet, sports and staying in shape. However, there are certain foods and delicious things that every time make us forget all sorts of restraints and make happy eyes when we swallow up another bite.

It’s good that every way of eating, however strict, always has a day allowing us to forget about calories and fat, and to enjoy something delicious.

Here is our choice for transgressions that we can never resist, but we allow ourselves with a clear conscience on our cheat day.

Pancake for breakfast in Eddy’s Cafè and Food

There aren’t many places in the city under the hills where you can have an early breakfast, but Eddy's is one of them. For the year in which it’s been open, Elly and Toma never stop to surprise us with memorable tastes and pleasures melting in the mouth. We have repeatedly recommended everything from their menu, ensuring that you’ll return for more. If you've decided to cheat on your day off, then make a late brunch to get the most out of your meal.

Almond croissant with chocolate in Kapana bakery

One of these places we deliberately avoid, since the regular visit won’t bring anything good to our figure. This type of croissant, however, we can never resist. It's not always available, so if you're lucky and see it, try it out!

Pizza in Osteria Rosmarino

The pizza, prepared by master Giuseppe Lomuscio, really takes us to Italy, and if our culinary transgression is not on our native land, it doesn’t count, right? We recommend trying one of the options with mozzarella as it is delivered fresh every week from the family factory in Southern Italy. Its production is limited and the taste is absolutely authentic.

It's hard to decide where to take you for dessert, so we give you two options:

French rustic cake in Dolce Fellini 

Honey layers of ideal thickness and divine combination of sweetness and light tartness. Combine it with Trucillo coffee and the end of your lunch will be perfect.

Markiza cake in patisserie Stenata

A walnut meringue on a crispy layer with a cream of caramelized condensed milk with butter and an aroma of coffee and cocoa - all of this is definitely an occasion to break your strictest diet.

Burger in Brick House 

Well, if you don’t have time for a long lunch, we also suggest something you can order at the office or at home, and even on the go. The obsession with burgers in the city is in full swing and burgers are literally lurking all around us. Here, however, they are sinfully delicious, garnished with crunchy fries, plenty of cheddar and a wide choice of combinations of different sauces.

The best restaurants in Plovdiv

Dinner everywhere can be a real feast because each of our favorite restaurants offers a tempting selection of traditional dishes and real gourmet delicacies. You can choose from fish, Italian cuisine, the best steak in the city and whatnot...

And where do you sin culinary?