A few suggestions from the only digital guide under the hills that will make planning your celebration easy and hassle-free


Organizing a birthday party for older children can become a real challenge. On the one hand, children's centers and animators are more for the little ones and for most children over 10 years of age they have a limiting effect, but on the other hand - you can't leave them completely without any entertainment plan. Fortunately, there are several options in Plovdiv that we are sure will appeal to most young people and can turn their special day into an unforgettable memory.


Since this article comes out in the midst of summer, we suggest you take advantage of the great weather outside and organize something outdoors. The pool is suitable for both girls and boys, and here you can let your imagination run wild. For the male company, the most fun will probably be the water parks and the countless slides and attractions there. For the girls, a beautifully decorated marquee and cool accessories for photos are a perfect option.

Football is also always an option for active teenagers, and here we suggest renting a pitch for the gang and letting them tire themselves out. It is a good idea to take advantage of those at the Youth Center at the Rowing Base, as they can then be combined with eating somewhere around, but there are also possibilities for an indoor hall.


Such type of racing games are a perfect option that combines competition with having fun. In this way, you will both have some structure to the flow of the party, and it will not be the usual activities with an animator. You can combine it with a menu for eating, a cake - and the celebration is ready!

Video games/amusement park

An idea that is suitable for organizing at any time of the year. In the summer you will be guaranteed to be in a cool and shady place, and in the spring/autumn months - you won't have to worry about rain and cold spoiling the party. You buy tokens or pre-select all the attractions that the birthday boy or girl and guests want to use - and you can rest assured that fun is guaranteed.


Usually, it's an option for girls where everyone can create something for themselves or for the celebrant. There are different options for creativity, and most often you can choose between:

• painting pictures with acrylic paints

• painting on textile products such as t-shirts, bags, backpacks, hats with a visor, pencil cases

• drawing pictures on coasters

• drawing on a lemonade jar

• carnival - making party accessories - props for selfies, crowns, paper masks, etc;

Materials are provided by the venue, and throughout, an artist shows each step of the process.

In the individual studios, there are various options for the party itself, as you can order invitations, on-site catering, a cake and everything you need as decoration.


A universal way to celebrate the birthday, as the choice of films is always large and it depends only on what the children want. Something like this can also be organized in children's centers, where the films are shorter and are part of a more general package.

Escape rooms

This type of entertainment is not only a way to spend an unforgettable 60 minutes, but also to acquire new knowledge and skills. Team work, ingenuity, speed are only a small part of the qualities that children gradually acquire in games, and the themes can be very different and in accordance with the interests of the celebrant.

Children's disco

And what's a party without dancing!? Most often, this option is part of the packages in the children's centers and is for everyone who likes to be in the rhythm of the music. It can be combined with other activities, and a little movement always does an excellent job of lifting the mood and positive emotions.