Sipping your drink while seeing the Aegean Sea from the Rhodopes on a clear day is an experience not to be missed on your tour to the winter resort


All skiers’ most favorite destination, Snezhanka Peak, is 1926 meters high and is among the hundred national tourist sites of the Bulgarian Tourist Union. It is located about 17 kilometers from the town of Smolyan, and at its foot is the resort village of Pamporovo. A number of marked slopes start from it and make the place one of the most preferred for practicing winter sports.

It can be reached by lift, on foot or by car. During the months with snow, the four lifts are used up there - Studenets - Snezhanka, Smolyanski Lakes - Snezhanka, Malina - Snezhanka and Stoikite - Snezhanka. In warm weather, you can climb it in any of the ways mentioned above, and on foot you are sure to enjoy great views along the way. At that time there are great conditions around it for hiking, cycling, sport fishing, etc. You must also visit the Smolyan Lakes along the well-marked and maintained eco-path. At the top, you will also notice prepared routes for cycle tours, suitable for both beginners and experienced bikers.

At the top rises a television tower with a height of 156 meters, which can be seen from afar, and on it, at an altitude of 2019 meters, there is a café with a mind-blowing 360-degree panorama. Its construction started in 1973, and it was completed in 1978. From here BNR and BNT started broadcasting their programs in the 70s. The lower ring houses the TV signal transmission equipment. The tower itself is equipped with an elevator and easily accessible for people with children and impaired mobility. It is open year-round and there is a fee to go up. Above the café there is also a panoramic terrace, and at the entrance there is a shop where you can buy various souvenirs. You can also ask for binoculars at the café for better visibility.

It is believed that in clear weather the view reaches all the way to the Aegean Sea, and you will also enjoy Rila, Pirin, The Balkan mountain range and the peak of the Rhodopes - Mount Golyam Perelik.

The tower is named after the peak, which was named after the fact that it is covered with snow for most of the year. The average annual temperature is 3 degrees, and in summer, in the month of July, it is about 12 degrees.