The first bakery for dogs and cats in Plovdiv offers gourmet for pets


Have you ever wanted to share coffee or a treat with your pet? Well, this is now possible with the newest place under the hills! Bone Appetit is a specialized bakery for preparing delicacies for dogs and cats, which you can easily eat with them. The idea came to Peter after years of working abroad and observing the care that owners take for their pets.

The recipes of the appetizing gourmet burgers, colorful cakes, fluffy muffins and crunchy cookies are borrowed from specialized literature and are fully compliant with the recommendations for the diet of the animals. Only products that people consume too are used for their preparation. This way you can be convinced that there is no need to panic if your child attacks the cabinet with dog treats, for example. All delicacies are baked and prepared on the spot without any artificial additives, sweeteners, leavening agents, etc. They can also be ordered for a special occasion and to celebrate your pet's birthday.

In the restaurant, which also has a separate shop part, you will also find a special selection of care accessories that will facilitate the breeding and diversify the arsenal of clothes and toys of your favorite puppies and kittens.

A special wall is set aside for everything you can use to organize an unforgettable birthday and turn the occasion into a happy celebration not only for your pet, but also for the whole family.

Bone Appetit has already opened its doors and we are convinced that it will become a must-visit place and part of the daily walk - whether for a new toy or for a morning cappuccino with a cookie!