Whether you are an avid reader, or rather looking for a gift for a loved one - our guide to the best bookstores under the hills will always be useful to you


As we revealed in one of our older articles, as early as 1882, the people of Plovdiv had the opportunity to immediately receive the most popular world books, even before the French outside Paris, and book publishing was a very prestigious business.

In fact, this cult of books in Plovdiv has been building for almost 30 years. The first Bulgarian bookstore of European type was established here, and the rules were imposed by the famous revivalist Hristo G. Danov long before the Bulgarians had their own free state.

To this day, we can safely say that many of the residents of the European Capital of Culture 2019 are interested in a variety of books and authors and are happy to spend their time choosing the right reading. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are three large bookstores on the Main Street only within 100 meters, and several smaller and interesting ones are scattered in the immediate vicinity.

Orange Center

In fact, the reason for writing this text was the good news that on the site of one of the big shoe stores on the Main Street, in a few days (April 20) the third bookstore under the hills of the Orange chain is expected to open. And while the other two are located in Mall Markovo Tepe and Mall Plaza, this one will really be in the heart of the city. ORANGE CENTER is the first of its kind chain of stores, which offers books, music and video products, stationery and office products, copying services in one place. The large retail space of the stores, combined with the mix and the concept of "Books, Music, Stationery" make the chain a unique commercial venture for Bulgaria, integrating the modern spirit and the culture of society.


Right opposite the fountains on the square in front of the Municipality, Hermes - Plovdiv is one of the 12 bookstores of the publishing house, which can be found in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Blagoevgrad, Vidin, Pazardzhik, Sliven, Veliko Tarnovo and Haskovo. Under the motto "Books for everyone in the family" Hermes bookstores offer a variety of fiction, reference, popular science and educational literature, encyclopedias, readings, illustrated editions, books for children, stationery, educational games.

Among the authors who have presented their books in Hermes bookstores are Jorge Bucay, Jose Rodriguez dos Santos, Alexandra Marinina, Georgi Mishev, Vladimir Zarev, President Petar Stoyanov, Solomon Passy, Ivinela Samuilova, Nedyalko Slavov, Emil Andreev, Alexander Sekulov, Ralitsa Gencheva, Radoslav Gizgindzhiev, Stanislav Stan Koychev and many others.

In order to stimulate interest in Bulgarian authors, Hermes bookstores organize Days of Bulgarian Books, which are held on the eve of May 24. During the campaign, visitors have the opportunity to meet famous Bulgarian writers and buy their books at a discount.


This is the third large chain of bookstores that can be found on Main Street under the hills, and with two locations. The larger area is located just before the stairs of Kamenitza, and the smaller - just opposite the Central Hali on Rayko Daskalov Street. Helicon Bookstores offer over 40,000 titles in Bulgarian and are serviced by qualified booksellers. Their website is one of the first e-shops in Bulgaria. In addition to books, you can also find board games, a selection of gifts and stationery, and textbooks.


One of the largest book chains in Bulgaria, Ciela started with its first bookstore in 2006 and so far has 16 cozy bookstores in which the customer experience has been raised to a new level.

The stores are located mainly in large shopping centers for greater accessibility and more convenience. In Plovdiv you can find a representative of the chain in Mall Plovdiv. Their stores have a wide variety of items, both in the book and entertainment sectors such as music, movies, family games, a full range of stationery, toys and a wide selection of gifts. The hallmark of Ciela bookstores is the abundance of well-selected products, convenient locations and polite and competent service.

In addition to having all current titles in Bulgarian, they are also characterized by well-selected foreign language literature, as well as maintaining a nomenclature of titles with circulations long out of stock.

Foreign language literature

In addition to some of the more popular titles in major chains, foreign language literature can also be found at:

American Corner:

It opened its doors in 2015 at the National Library in Plovdiv in close collaboration with the US Embassy in Bulgaria and aims to provide the public with accurate and up-to-date information about the United States, as well as to promote American culture, history and education. The center's mission is to enrich visitors' knowledge through an ever-updating database of information and reference resources, including American books, encyclopedias, reference books, educational literature, periodicals, multimedia and electronic libraries with diverse profiles.

Bookstore on 11 August Street

In the tiny intersection just opposite the stairs of Kamenitza is the next place where you can find books in English and other languages.

For textbooks and teaching aids in the certain languages, you should check with the publishers.

Antique books

Sofia-T Bookstore

We have already told you about the most famous antique bookstore under the hills in a separate article. Sofia-T is still one of those places that determine the appearance of Kapana and preserve the spirit of the creative district, the smell of ancient wood, stone, a sense of bohemianism, culture and history. Its atmosphere is not underestimated by foreigners. In addition to the books, icons of Sofia master theologian, which are offered in Plovdiv only here can be found in the incredible place. It opened in 1991 and is the first private bookstore in Bulgaria since November 10.

Pri Sasho Kostov Store

His main activity is finding books. Mostly used. Editions from before 1944 till present days can be found here. But other "treasures" too.

It all started with an empty shelf, on which Remarque's books were the first to find a place. Subsequently, this shelf was completely filled, and the desire to read and own more quality literature increased. At one point, the books occupied almost an entire room. They were filled in boxes. Meanwhile, some began to find new owners, and in addition to them, new treasures appeared. Now all these things are gathered under one roof on one of the small streets in the Kapana district.

There are very small places with old books on both sides of the subway of Maritsa Pharmacy, and in the neighborhoods, you can often find tiny bookstores of mixed type. They mostly rely on textbooks, aids and stationery.