A journey from a small kitchen with a single stove burner in Karshiyaka to a true phenomenon for which lovers of sweet treats queue up


We've shared with you that our experience with the first handmade doughnuts under the hills began at least a year before their establishment was officially opened. In our archives, we also found a photo of the delicacies that we tried and they blew us away with an unearthly feeling of sweetness.

That was in the summer of 2019, and now, 4 years later, we still love to eat them in our office at every opportunity, and sometimes, for no particular reason - simply because we want to make our day even better. For us, this is the magic of Bluestone Doughnuts and their creator - Joro, who experiments from early dawn every day and develops not only the flavors and aromas of the doughnuts, but also the vision and the overall concept of the place.

It all started from a small kitchen in Plovdiv's Karshiyaka district with a single stove burner available and many attempts to find the perfect conditions to get the perfect dough and combination between the ingredients. And today, just take a turn on a day off during your walk along Main Street in Plovdiv and take the parallel Otets Paisii Street to encounter the impatient queue in front of their location under the hills.

The truth is that in 3 years since the opening, Joro and his colleagues have completely transformed the place and formed a real mini-society around it, which gathers not only fans of doughnuts, but also of positive emotions. A variety of people often meet here, sometimes hurrying on their way to work, and other times with the idea of spending time with themselves or a loved one in the company of a delicious treat and aromatic coffee. Usually, on the weekends, you can come across a spontaneously organized concert by the MU-Plovdiv band, or a cool company that will engross you in their stories. Their site is like a shared platform for everyone who wants to express themselves and share themselves, and we definitely recommend you visit it to enjoy the countless gifts that the customers themselves have given them!

We keep coming across attractive photos on social media by doughnut lovers traveling from far and wide to grab the coveted box and treat themselves to a true delight for the senses. And all this to taste the otherworldly combinations of fluffy dough with melting pistachio cream, wonderfully balanced salted caramel, top class chocolate and more... The iconic doughnuts are already becoming a feast of love for many customers , as just recently a young couple ordered their wedding cake from Bluestone Doughnuts and fully trusted the brand's creators for its taste and craftsmanship.

The good news for everyone is that the team is happy to take part in various events dedicated to quality food, and very soon - on July 22 and 23, you can enjoy them in Sofia as well. The preparation is by no means easy and starts at dawns, but when the whole idea is not only a business, but also a real passion and belief in the product - there is always zest, ambition and desire to surpass yourself and offer the best to people, who trust you and come back again! They are open to collaborations with other Bulgarian producers and artisan products, so be sure to follow them online to keep up with all the new flavors and interesting creations.

Looking back, three years may not seem like much, but Bluestone Doughnuts has managed to become a real benchmark for quality, cool attitude and a place for incredible emotions. Everyone leaves here with a smile, a face smeared with chocolate and the intention to return again - not only to Plovdiv, but also to eat at least one doughnut on the spot or on the way home!